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Cardiac (Healthy Heart) & Cholesterol Management Diet


1. To know your good or bad cholesterol. 2. To know your post operative surgery(Angio-Plasty stent)diet. 3. To know Ischemic heart disease.

If any cardiac related diseases suffer by you, so here is my treated personalised diet care management which will heal you soon.

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Dt. Soma Paul

Hello Myself Soma Paul, Nutritionist with an experience of more than 5 years.Worked with MNC clients like Saffola, Marrico, India-Gate(KRBL), Bio-con, Abott, Gleenmark as project co-ordinator/Sr. Executive Nutrition in corporate & hospitals Other than offering diet consultation, I am also conducting various diet and lifestyle awareness camps at Corporate, Society, malls and community level.
I am also clinical practitioner dietitian/Sports nutritionist. I dealt with Diabetic care management, cancer therapy, child health nutrition, cardiac/heart care or Artheroclerosis/cholesterol management, lifestyle diseases, Expecting/lactating mother, lose weight, weight gain, food/lactose intolerance or food allergy dietary management, Resetting metabolism or immunity, Sports nutrition or Marathon diet, healthy skin or hair management, ayurvedic therapy.
I do believe for “food for good nutrition with health benefits & which will give you best results with investment like ‘health is wealth’ great modified lifestyle changes.Diet doesn’t mean to starve or skip your meals or to do crash diet or less dietary intake. In realistic world to look thinner or size zero doesn’t mean that you are healthier by inside your body but stay away from your loved ancesstorial food habits. Unless it’s all about to feel energetic with all your positive mindset.
As a nutritionist, i will help to guide you to build your strong foundation for better health by motivate you to achieve your better health nutrition, daily exercise or yoga, adequate sleep & stress management. All together we can make some small changes to a big differences in our health. As a wellness coach/diet guru/fitness instructor i give best assurances to change my clients/patients health improvements with genuine results.


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