In the online world, it is important to get found by the right people at the right time. Like other businesses, the healthcare sector is also ramping up its presence to reach out to potential audiences, not just to get a business but also to be a ‘Guiding Light’ for its communities.

Our team ‘Just For Hearts’ is all equipped to cater to individual healthcare professionals and Corporates to assist you in your journey.

Starting with the humble start in Pune in 2009 under the expert guidance & leadership of Dr. Ravindra L Kulkarni ( Founder & CEO) Just For Hearts stretched out its wings across the nation as a leading Corporate Wellness service provider & a trusted edutainment YouTube channel.

In this journey our clientele and fans joined our offsite and online community through YouTube channel, Social media pages and Mobile platforms like Telegram and What’s app to keep abreast with their favourite health brand.

And here’s the reason why we are the ‘Best Fit’ for your advertising requirements

YouTube Channel

  • Over 50K Subscribers and growing rapidly
  • Monthly Reach 4-5 M Views
  • Special programs and designated playlists
  • Curated content generated by 50+ healthcare experts
  • Active and engaged community which generates content regularly

Advertisement Available

  1. Professional full length Interview in our special feature program ‘Heart-To-Heart’ (15K)
  2. Sponsorship to most popular videos (7K) – Title sponsor, Product sponsor ( Apparels, Equipment, Food items)
  3. Link promotion in most viewed videos ( 50 to 60 $ / 10K for 3 months)
  4. Product review by expert / Product unboxing (15K)

*Each program will be promoted on social media in the form of Video teasers, Artworks, Press release, Push notifications.

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Facebook community

  • Verified business page with over 40K subscribers
  • Actively interacting 100+ discussion groups on Facebook regularly
  • Always open and responsive
  • Transparency in the content, event information, experts and money transactions

Advertisement Available

  1. Co-Hosting the event (15K)
  2. FB Live (7K)
  3. Workshop (5K)
  4. Collaboration events (10K)
  5. Brand mentions (5K)
  6. Discussions in comments and shares (5K)

* Easy to classify the audience as per age, gender, occupation, hence targeting will be easy.

* Each program will be promoted on social media in the form of Video teasers, Artworks, Press release, Push notifications.

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  • A decade old domain
  • Holds a rich collection of blogs written by a 5K+ community of Wellness & medical experts which also generates a monthly newsletter called ‘ HealThy Life’
  • User friendly navigations for pleasant reading and transaction experience
  • Prompt response by state-of-the-art technology

Advertisement Available

  1. Guest blogging
  2. Link building – 200$
  3. Follow links
  4. Quiz
  5. Surveys

If you look around, the importance of having good health has reached another level and hence the competition is dense. Just For Hearts,one of the oldest healthcare brands of India is well equipped to cater to the needs of the marketers who are trying to reach the right audience.

Everyday we reach up to 1L audience through YouTube, Facebook, Website and also by Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, Newsletter, Whatsapp and Telegram (Newly added platform after a heavy demand from the communities). Apart from this our onsite presence through Corporate Wellness Program and Health Coaching gives us an additional edge of being called as an ‘Industry leader’ in the field of Wellness with an experience of 15000 Corporate wellness events and 50+ Health consultations.

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Who Can Advertise

  • Hospitals , Clinics , IFV center , Healthcare Experts / Doctors . Dietitians , Physiotherapists
  • Stress management apps
  • Book authors , Bloggers , Influencers
  • Foods : Acidity healers ,Herbal tea ,Constipation relief , Immunity boosting ,Healthy Oil , Healthy Juices/ extracts
  • Insurance – COVID 19 , Health Insurance
  • Digital ovulation kits / Tracker
  • Home Health Care : Glucometer , BP Machines , Other Gadgets
  • FMCG Companies , Healthcare Products

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In a nutshell, Just For Hearts is growing exponentially reaching out to every individual that focuses on smart ways of healthy living.

If you are looking to showcase your product/ service, increase your online presence and gain a business, reach out to know more about our holistic branding solutions program.

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Get Started using Just For Hearts Virtual Practice Platform. Download our App Now!