Trasnformational Journey with Dietician Fatema Malik

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Ms.Fatema Malik, Masters in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics (Specialization in Cancer Nutrition). I am Self-employed  Holistic Nutritionist. Since 2011 I am practising with a global presence in countries like USA, UAE, Malaysia, Iraq, Africa and Colombo. I work as consultant for a variety of organizations. [.....]

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Success story of myself – By Julie Dattani

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Feeling so proud to write a story about myself with a drastic difference in me. It all had started probably with my birth. I was always unwell with cold and cough, blocked nose, congested chest. Assuming that my immunity was low as I was a [.....]

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Success Story – Imego… Cocoon to Butterfly!

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Helping People for healthy weight loss is my passion. I feel happy when I see how quality of life improves after weight loss. So, here I am sharing a recent weight loss story. About how I helped a Hypothyroidism patient to reduce weight and to [.....]

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Ganesh Chaturthi

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Ganesh Chaturthi 🌺 Good decision makers always ask ‘Why?’ Asking why several times gets to the core issue and provides us with the insight into the real reason. Today’s generation doesn’t follow anything just because someone is asking them to follow it, they are eager [.....]

A raw and real client testimonial

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Client testimonials speak loud for Nourishia services. This real, raw testimonial shared by a client gives me immense joy and work satisfaction. 😊😇 Happy to be able to help her get back on track. Dear Prachi, So the results are out after much excitement. Last [.....]

Real Life Weight Loss Story By Neha Gore

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I am working in this field since last 17 years. I am a certified Diabetes Educator. I am working with those people who are suffering from metabolic diseases like Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, PCOS, Insulin resistance, Prediabetes ,Gestational diabetes and obesity. I am sharing the weight loss [.....]