COVID-19 is a global threat. This pandemic is very unfortunate to everyone and moreover there is no known drug to treat it .

Once risk factors are understood we can reduce number of covid sufferings.

Here is list of certain individual as well as environmental factors which leads to spread of covid-19 infection. 

1. Low immunity: People whose body cannot fight to external viruses well and so fall ill frequently. This is the reason why old age people and small children are at risk.

2. Hygiene/Cleanliness: Personal hygiene like clean hands, clothes is important. At the same time sanitized kitchen area, washed vegetables, fruits and hygienic storage of food items also to be focused.

3. Surrounding environment: Congested area where proper ventilation and sunlight is missing ; more chances of infection occurs. Environment includes home, workplaces and surrounding area.

4. Poor state of health: People with some underlying medical condition like diabetes, CVD, respiratory disorders are more prone to covid infection. Also immunocompromised state such as organ transplant and use of medicines like steroids which weakens immune system.

5. Phase of life: Women who are pregnant and or breastfeeding need extra precautions.

6. Pollution: People who expose more to air pollution compromises lung functioning and will vulnerable to infection.

7. Physical inactivity: Long sitting hours and lack of exercise is one of the causes. Engaging in some physical activity or sports increases immunity as well as reduces other risk factors like obesity and hypertension.

8. Lifestyle: People who smoke have higher risk of infection. Overall routine of an individual like eating habits, outside eating, activity level, type of job will decide severity of infection.

Unfortunately, these habits cannot be changed once in nighttime. Healthy eating and lifestyle will help in reducing chance of getting infection in longer run.