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Sayali Ramdasi is a clinical registered dietitian. She earned her postgraduate degree from SNDT Women’s university, Mumbai. She is specialized in weight management, inflammatory diseases, gut health and expert in giving best suited diet in every condition. She is also a certified nutrigenomic counselor. She enjoys giving talks in different industries and organizations for spreading health awareness. She writes in different magazines and blogs regarding nutrition and healthy lifestyle. Along with diet and nutrition she is has knowledge of yoga and fitness. Overall she believes in remaining healthy and fit.
20 05, 2020

लॉकडाऊनमध्ये आरोग्यावर झालेले हितकारक बदल

By |2020-05-21T18:08:59+05:30May 20th, 2020|COVID19 Updates, Healthy Life|12 Comments

एरवी घड्याळाच्या काट्यावर चालणारे आपण सर्वजण ह्या कोरोनामुळे पुरते घरात अडकलो आहोत. तरीही आपण सुदैवी आहोत! या परिस्थितीत आपल्या अन्न, वस्त्र, निवारा ह्या मूलभूत गरजा पूर्ण होत असल्यामुळे आपण इतर गोष्टींचे चिंतन करू शकतो. पण समाजात काही घटक असे आहेत ज्यांची lockdown मुळे रोज उपासमार होत आहे. तेव्हा अशा लोकांना आपल्या [.....]