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Nutrition consultant with an experience of 14 years in health and wellness. Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics. Affiliations- Tara clinic (SB road , Shivajinagar), Thermax Global, Author for Just for hearts. Certified Food safety supervisor (FSSAI) Speaker at schools and community health events. Lifestyle and holistic health prevention, digestive issues, management of weight, diabetes, PCOS, hypertension, diabetes, chronic skin disorders, anemia.
23 10, 2020

Navratri Special Recipe: Falahaar (fruit salad)

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Navratri Special Recipe: Falahaar (fruit salad) Falahaar or fruit salad is a Sattvic recipe and can be consumed as a brunch / evening snack for an energizing effect! INGREDIENTS for fruit salad 1. Apple (1/2), Plum (1), Pomegranate (1/2), Papaya( 2 slices), Pineapple(1 slice). 2. [.....]

21 10, 2020

Navratri and spiritual awakening

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Sharada Navratri is observed as the most spiritual and auspicious occasion for almost every household in India. It is a devotion to the various forms of Goddess, the Adishakti Durga. The festival is celebrated in the Hindu calendar month of the Ashwin. Known as Durga [.....]