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About Dt Saba Firdous

MSc Human Nutrition and Public Health at London Metropolitan University (UK), 2018 • Extensive experience while providing over 1000 diet consultations for therapeutic diets, fitness and weight management in fast paced environments for more than 6 years • Computer proficient in SPSS, Microsoft Excel, Word and Outlook conducted surveys as part of research team at hospitals and clinics • Key note Nutritional speaker at health conferences, seminars, schools and corporations delivering weight management consciousness in adults, children and older groups, on subjects related to diabetes, healthy eating and motivation techniques • Written Nutrition articles in newspapers and Health magazines • Effective communication and counselling skills with diverse cases ranging from Pediatrics, Gastroenterology, Bariatric, Wellness and Corporate Health

My Woman Mentor by Saba Firdous

A mentor is one of the most important persons in one’s life with a key objective of bringing significant positive impact in mentee’s choices and decision making. When I attended my first class at London Metropolitan University, I was inspired to pursue PhD and considered [.....]

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How is trending Intermittent fasting different from Ritual fasting?

Fasting is a voluntary abstinence from eating or drinking for a period of time. In a physiological context this may also refer to a metabolic state achieved by a person who has not eaten overnight or after complete digestion and absorption of a meal. The [.....]

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Women, Depression and Diet

Depression and Diet, The forth most cause of disability worldwide is ‘Depression’. It is one of the largest issues of the society which cannot be treated as “one size fits all”.  Compared to men, women are almost twice as likely to suffer from depression. [.....]

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