Mission, Vision, Values

Brand promiseMining Workplace happiness through Holistic Corporate Wellness Program

Mission statement- When an employee grows on all fronts, the organization wins! We believe the employees are the biggest assets of any organization, hence we work hard to provide a fully customized wellness program which helps deliver your promise of Happy Workplace.

Vision statement- To establish ourselves as a leader in the field of Corporate Wellness services with our high-quality Wellness services constructed by experienced Medical & Wellness scholars, especially for today’s well- informed & Tech-savvy working professionals

Core values – Compassion, Technology Driven Approach , Quality.


Dr. Ravindra L. Kulkarni
Dr. Ravindra L. KulkarniMy goal is to create Happy workplaces by providing quality & innovative Wellness services.
Dr. Manisha R. Deokar
Dr. Manisha R. DeokarWhile working as a preventive cardiologist, I discovered my passion for Corporate Wellness. . I am Manisha, COO of Team JFH ensuring the upward graph of growth & happiness.
Ms. Divya Sanglikar
Ms. Divya SanglikarBeing a COO of JFH ,I keep a close tab on market activities & align our company goals to the customer needs.
Dr. Tejas Limaye
Dr. Tejas LimayeAlong with my Lifestyle Disease management practice, I like to write & share my knowledge through Blog , HealThy Life Newsletters & community work.
Ms. Shweta Kate
Ms. Shweta KateI ensure smooth operations in the fast-paced wellness service environment. Apart from that, delivering unique & innovative services is what I strive for.
Pooja Jadhav
Pooja Jadhav Passion combined with knowledge & work. Started my wellness journey as a Yoga teacher, to a JFH dietician, I am now taking care of Partner Relationship management .
Ms. Pooja Kulkarni
Ms. Pooja KulkarniAdding value to people’s life through my knowledge & Community work is my passion. With over 100+ wellness sessions experience and counting more each passing day.
Dr. Shruti Joshi- Manager
Dr. Shruti Joshi- ManagerReach out to me for South India Wellness Business inquiries and operations.
Preeti Salvi
Preeti Salvi Building bridge between JFH & outside world with the curated social media content & online presence with real time updates, infotainment & campaigns.
Neha Katekar
Neha KatekarDiet & Lifestyle counselling always excites me. I work closely to ensure a timely & quality Health Coaching service to you.
Tejashree Bhate
Tejashree BhateI am the SPOC for all Wellness Experts who work from different corners of the country.
Abhay Dalvi
Abhay DalviI am often found in other offices than mine. I am Abhay, the full-scale strategy implementer and Sales head of JFH.
Raviraj Sankpal
Raviraj Sankpal I give reality to imagination & ideas. Working closely with management to ensure quality artworks for website & online presence.
Archana Sonawane
Archana Sonawane
Deepa L
Deepa LWell acquainted with the data management processes, I take care of all the data generated on today to day basis & make available In-office & on ground support with the team.
Rani Vishwakarma
Rani Vishwakarma
Shruti S
Shruti S
Jumana B
Jumana BI am Jumana, pursuing my passion to bring positive lifestyle changes through Diet consultations.
Sayali Mali
Sayali MaliWhen you have talent, sky is the limit. I am a Yoga teacher, a dietician and a wellness operations manager.
Vrushali Bhamare
Vrushali Bhamare
Kundalik Bhoi
Kundalik Bhoi
Mallesh S
Mallesh S
Yogita Kadam
Yogita Kadam


Our International Publications 

  1. Virtual assistance intervention in high-risk information technology employees in India controls overweight and obesity
    Poster – World Diabetes Congress 2015 Vancouver organized by the International Diabetes Federation,
  2. Manuscript reference number: THE LANCET-D-15-04459 Title: A virtual assistance based lifestyle intervention is effective in reducing cardiometabolic risk factors in young employees of the Information Technology industry in India (LIMIT): a pragmatic randomized controlled trial
  3. DOHAD2013 -Health and nutritional literacy
  4. Poster Presentation At “63rd Annual Conference of Cardiological Society of India”- Prevalence of Cardio-metabolic risk factors in young employees of Information
  5. WCC12-ABS-2818- Prevalence of cardio-metabolic risk factors in young employees of Information Technology (IT) Industry in Pune

Social Responsibility 

Corporate Social Responsibility – Making a difference

Leadership comes with great responsibility towards your people. Being India’s leading Corporate Wellness provider, it is our basic duty to reach out to each and every sector of society & make a difference in their life with our expertise and quality services. We aspire to make this world a better place to live which will happen only when people are healthy & happy.

With this purpose and will to give back to the society, we started reaching out to remote villages, social community gatherings, schools, orphanages to instill the importance of healthy life & to provide basic assistance of health screenings at their doorstep.

3rd Sunday of every month is dedicated to Rural Wellness Program when the CEO & Founder Dr.Ravindra L.Kulkarni & COO Dr.Manisha R.Deokar & the team travels all the way to the destination for various health check-ups. While other team members engage in a monthly activity in and around Pune for activities like Blood Donations camp, awareness programs, sight visits and many more.

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