It all started in June 2020, he came to our Yoga center for his knee pain. Actually he had come in march, but due to a lock down our Yoga center was shut down. He came in June with the worst condition of his knees, as he had overworked in lock down due to lack of labor. He was overweight but not visible due to his good height and physique. But being in the para medical field, I could find out that he needs to lose weight.

Looking at him I was worried that he could be prone to diabetes or high cholesterol. I talked to him and he asked me for a diet plan, but due to his social life it was very difficult for him to follow the diet, and he was not taking it seriously. He thought that he had an option of TKR (Knee replacement), thinking that spending time in Yoga was useless, I should say fortunate or unfortunate that during the same period his mom had to go through TKR, the pain she had to face through during physiotherapy opened his eyes and he started taking Yoga and diet very seriously.

To lose weight along with diet I wanted him to do some workout. Due to his knee pain he could not cycle nor could he walk or jog. I got his blood tests done and took a deep breath when I came to know that all his reports were normal. I somehow convinced him to start with Yoga online. Mid of February he started with Yoga, the challenge for me was due to his knee pain I had to plan out a special program for him.

He was so dedicated to Yoga that he never even thought of taking a break, since it was online it was possible for him to Yoga wherever he was. Now there was a twist in the entire story, people could see the difference in him, which he could not see as his weighing scale was not moving. Now was the true challenge. I tried my level best to convince him that he was not losing weight as his muscle mass was maintained with Yoga, but people are more interested in results. I was given a deadline of June. Actually it was not his fault, somewhere in 2019 he had lost 10 kg by just walking, unaware of what harm he was doing to his health. Here weight loss was visible as he has lost muscle mass, which I tried to maintain in Yoga. 

Then what, he discontinued Yoga, but thankfully continued with the salad diet which was suggested to him. Me too had given him a request not to get on the scale until I say. Then there was the miracle (not miracle though) from 90 kg, he was down to 85 kg. I was worried that he had lost his muscle mass, but I was relieved when I checked his muscle mass and fat content by a scanner. Since there was a visible difference on the scale, he was super excited to continue with the diet. At times he used to call and ask what he was to eat when he was out. Not shocking for me that his pain was out due to his dedication to yoga!