Client testimonials speak loud for Nourishia services. This real, raw testimonial shared by a client gives me immense joy and work satisfaction. 😊😇
Happy to be able to help her get back on track.

Dear Prachi,

So the results are out after much excitement. Last 3 months have been a roller coaster ride for me and who can understand that better than you?!!

HbA1C from 8.5% to 5.9%
Cholesterol HDL Ratio 6.45 to 4.69!
Weight Loss from 63 kg to 55 kg!!
HDL improved from 31 to 39!

This note to you is not only an acknowledgement of your total support but also an attempt to pen down my feelings and thoughts on all that happened in the last 3 months in my life. I am sure you will be the best person to understand how tough it is for a person to discover suddenly that he or she is totally off the health track. More so when the person has maintained good health through life and who firmly believed that nothing could go wrong…. How wrong it was!

Life is uncertain and situations cannot always be under your control. Well, it was kind of a rude shock to me when I discovered that my sugar and cholesterol was up and I may have to go on medication. So there I was dazed but the positive voice inside me said I can bring things under control if I start acting immediately. I took 2 months from the Doctor to set things on track with a promise that I will certainly go for medication If I fail to control things naturally..

Then and there I decided I desperately needed a buddy to take me through the journey to recovery. Someone who is “competent and professional” to help me fast track recovery and yet with “empathy and kindness of a close friend”. My immediate choice was ONLY YOU as my inner voice said you will certainly fit the bill…… HOW RIGHT I WAS ! .. I was to later discover at each interaction with you that even a person who has completed 2 half marathon three 10k runs and a full marathon falls short with knowledge and information about health and those golden nuggets which would transform your body….

I was pleasantly surprised to get such a detailed diet chart for the whole day with even timing for water intake!! More surprises followed.. An “avalanche of healthy recipes” every trick under the sun to bring those parameters down… A detailed question-answer session to understand my food habits, my likes and dislikes and a new diet plan every week with scores of more recipes and constant follow-ups…. I realised how passionate you are in your chosen profession.

I must also acknowledge your emotional support when suddenly two more unexpected complications surface concerning my health. Although it was beyond your purview you stayed with me throughout and I will never forget the morning message where you reached to me with 2 simple words “All will be well. Don’t worry”

I can confidently say that it was your very detailed diet chart, support through Whatsapp and the scores of tips which worked wonders for me and nailed it…. Thank you so much!!!….

“On any day I would recommend you to anyone anywhere under the sun if they want a fast-track recovery with a buddy feel as a bonus for emotional support and the understanding of their food background whatever country or state they belong to….” ❤️

My heartfelt wishes to you and may God give infinite opportunities to you to spread happiness and cheer to as many people.

Lots of Love ❤️

Bye for now…