Winters are here and with this increases your chances of getting exposed to the cold winds and the ultraviolet rays. This time demands you to take little extra care of yourself. This wonderfully cold season has got its package deal. It gets common cold, fever, nasal/chest constriction, sore throat and body aches accompanied by lethargy and the craving to eat more with it. With certain changes in your diet and lifestyle, you can get immune to such infections.


Here are a few quick tips to enjoy a healthy winter:

1. Drink herbal tea in winters. It has nutrients and anti-oxidants that gives energy. Herbal tea is beneficial for our health. It  also cures headache, stomach ache and immunity problems.

2. Avoid junk food as it affects the immunity system and gives way to cold and cough.

3. You are more prone to infections in winter, so make sure you wash your hand 4-5 times a day and avoid touching you nose or rubbing your eyes too much.

4. Take a dietary supplement, vitamins and minerals. It helps you build a stronger immune system.

5. Try to eat protein and carbohydrate in more quantity and saturated fat in less quantity. These supplements give strength to our body which helps to fight with germs that causes diseases.

6. Do not reduce the intake of liquids. This helps maintain moisture in the body, helps in digestion, increases metabolism, regulates body temperature etc.

7.  The most important thing to keep in mind is to stay active. This because we tend to overeat in winters, sleep more and this make us put on weight.

So the deal is to enjoy the cold weather and still staying healthy.

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