5 tips to stop sugar cravings!, Many of us crave for sweets often, especially after meals. We tend to eat chocolates, sweets or jaggery at such times. Excessive sugar intake not only harms your teeth but also causes weight and fat gain. Here are 5 simple tips to stop sugar cravings

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1. Whenever you crave for sweets, have a glass of water. Take a break from your work and walk for 5 minutes. You might be craving for sweets just out of boredom.
2. Prefer fruits or dryfruits over sugary foods when craving for sweets. This way you can spare on empty calories. Fruits are sweet and they will also provide essential vitamins and fibers.
3. Chew a sugar free chewing gum or a clove or a piece of cinnamon. This will help stop cravings.
4. Have your meals on time. Space them evenly throughout the day. Avoid being excessively hungry at any point of time. Excessive hunger can lead to sugar cravings.
5. Divert if you are not hungry and still craving for sweets (especially after meals) divert your attention from food. Read something, listen to music or simply brush your teeth so you won’t feel like eating!