Why Diet Fails?

There are several times you try different diets to shed those extra kgs. Dieting is majorly attempted to lose weight. It is considered in relation with weight loss.  There are various types and forms of diet which claim different health effects. There are several reasons why it does not work when it comes to weight loss. Knowing these reasons may help you in correcting your weight loss routine:

Why Diet Fails?

  • No dieting: If you feel you are following healthy diet and believe on no dieting, you might be wrong. You can include healthy foods in your routine but you also need to check with calorie consumption. Mainly macro nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Remember you need to have ample amount of protein to increase your metabolism.
  • Yo-yo dieter:  Some dieters reduce weight and then go off dieting. Which results in increase in body weight. This can result in irreversible weight gain. Repeated weight gain and regain is not good. There will be a point of time when your body will not be able to respond to the efforts.
  • Change in metabolism: After making several changes  you attempt to change your metabolism. This can lead to increase in weight. But this weight gain can be increase in muscle mass which is a good sign. So, while attempting to weight loss one must aim to fat loss and gain in metabolism.
  • Strict dieting is resulting in binge eating: Binge eating is consuming high cal foods after strict restriction. If your diet does not allow you to eat what you like, there can chances of binge eating. You need to modify it  in such a way that it can maintain balance.
  • Emotional stress due to dieting: If the dieter is obsessed about dieting it can be a reason of not losing weight.  Stress hormones play some role here. If you have physical or emotional stress it can interfere in your weight loss process.
  • Medical Conditions: Due to some of the medical problems dieting cannot help. Example low thyroid levels can inhibit weight loss. Health checkup and investigation can help in dealing with this situation.

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