Acidity is the commonly found problem everywhere. Many times acidity gets aggravated due to unhealthy food choices. Why to ask for treatment and cure when you can take simple precautions to avoid it?


Have you got a sweet tooth? Excessive sugar consumption not only leads to tooth decay but also causes obesity and hyperactivity. Learn how to stay away from cravings!

Tips to look young and beautiful

Looking young and  beautiful is everyone’s passion. Many are ready to spend thousands on their looks! Why not take these simple measures and enhance the beauty from within?

Just for Hearts- eClinic

Just for Hearts e-clinic

e-Clinic is a convenient platform which helps connect health experts and their clients in very little time. You can connect to the doctors, dietitians and fitness experts to resolve all your queries within no time.

Fruit Vs Juice

Many people think that fruit juices are healthy but this is not applicable to a healthy individual. Whole fruits are always better. Fruit juices must be avoided specially by people with diabetes. Know the reasons for avoiding juices and know for whom the juice suits better.  

Benefits of Yoga

Benefits of yoga

The benefits of yoga are enormous and include a broad range of physical, emotional, and wellness aspects. Practicing yoga regularly for minimum 15- 20 minutes a day is recommended to gain these boons.

Foods affecting skin

Healthy and glowing skin is what everyone dreams for! Diet plays a crucial role in maintaining your skin structure. Know the foods which affect your skin the most…

Fruits for diabetes

Fruits for diabetes

People with diabetes often worry about their diet and confused in making healthy food choices which will help control their blood sugar levels. Fruits are considered to be healthy but there are some fruits which increase blood sugar levels rapidly.

Foods for healthy bones

Bone health depends on how healthy your diet is. Foods that contain calcium improve health and texture of bones. The video depicts top 5 foods that you must include in your daily diet for healthy and strong bones.

5 Cornerstones of Diabetes Treatment

Diabetes is a disease of lifestyle. Diabetes care involves a number of lifestyle adjustments which can control blood sugar levels adequately. As diabetes cannot be cured completely, every person with diabetes  must be aware of these 5 cornerstones of diabetes treatment in order to stay away from diabetes related complications.