first aid

Everyone must know some first aid basics. You may need them in emergency and you can be a life saver! Go through this video and get an idea how these techniques are performed.    

Top 10 tips to Quit Smoking

quit smoking

These tips will help you say goodbye to smoking! Though it is a difficult task, smoking cessation is possible with determined efforts. Remember – smoking cessation will bestow you with a number of rewarding health benefits!! All the best…

Self defense

‘Just for Hearts’ arranges self defense sessions and demonstrations at various corporate and industrial setups. Here are the glimpse of one of the sessions.The session includes hands on training on various self defense techniques. Such sessions are greatly appreciated and especially women find it very useful. Book your appointment now! Visit or Call on […]



Anemia is a condition where a person has less than the normal level of hemoglobin or inadequate concentration of red blood cells. Anemia can lead to fatigue, breathlessness, pale skin, poor concentration etc. Diet plays a crucial role in prevention and treatment of anemia.


Osteoporosis – the brittle bone disease is very common especially in post-menopausal women and elderly. Optimum intake of calcium, proteins and regular physical activity are the keys to prevent and manage osteoporosis. This diet plan contains these key nutrients and very beneficial for people with osteoporosis.  


Any workout demands some particular precautions which you simply cannot miss! So, go through the video to know the things which you must remember before, during and after any workout or exercise regimen.  

weight loss failure

Fade up with weight loss failure and repeated weigh gain? Here are the most common reasons for weight loss failure followed by just one step solution!  

health screenings

Health screenings are crucial especially for those above 30 years of age. They act as a mirror to your health and well-being. We at ‘Just for Hearts’ offer variety of health check up and screening packages and organize various events at individual as well as at corporate levels. We also help you understand the tests […]


Healthy cooking tips

Healthy cooking is easy if one is aware and takes a little more care while cooking. Some simple precautions will preserve and enrich nutrients in the food and ultimately result in a ‘HEALTHIER YOU’!!

Health benefits of soybean

Soybean is a wonder food. It is available in various forms like soy milk, soy paneer (tofu), soy-chunks etc. Soybeans contain many nutrients and thus impart enormous health benefits. Here is a quick review of health benefits of soybean.