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PCOD diet

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a condition in which woman’s level of sex hormones are out of balance leading to the growth of small cysts over their ovaries. It can cause various problems like irregular or lack of menstrual cycles, irregular or no ovulation, reduced fertility, hirsutism, acne, rapid weight gain etc.  Some of the […]

Unhealthy foods that can make you sick

Food is the fuel needed by the body for nourishment and energy. But when this very need becomes a threat to the body yet the mind craves it, that is when the unhealthy food starts to gain the upper hand and makes us sick. When some of the most commonly used food, inevitable in cooking, […]

Sugary foods

Sugar is a high source of calorie and it has been found to be a significant cause of illness and health and weight related troubles. It has been a suggestion from health experts to completely cut down or at least reduce the intake of certain food items which are termed to be absolute killers in […]

healthy cooking

Healthy cooking is easy if one is aware and takes a little more care than the usual cooking. Here are the top 10 tips to retain nutrients in the food and to improve its health index! 1. Shop for healthy food: Cooking begins in the grocery shop / in the vegetable market! Shop for fresh […]

Myth or fact

As the fitness has attracted everyone’s attention these days, there are number of health myths circulating around us. Media (newspapers, television, internet) add to them constantly. Before falling pray to such myths, be aware of them and keep away! Myth 1: One can choose where to lose (spot reduction is possible). Fact: One cannot select […]

omega 3 fats

In recent years, omega 3 fats have been into the limelight due to the spectrum of benefits they impart. Omega 3 fats are also known as heart friendly fats as the research shows that these fats lower one’s risk of diabetes and heart diseases. Omega 3 fats are also beneficial in conditions like skin problems, […]


Our stressful working hours hardly allow us to pay attention at our health. This busy life doesn’t permit us to have a personal life. Healthy lifestyle is wanted by every one of us. Thus listed below are ideal habits which are necessary for better lifestyle: Wake up early: This is a big problem for everyone. Sacrificing […]

Top 10 diet tips for wedding season

Indian wedding season is already on going. In this traditional Indian wedding’s each and everyone is so excited as if it’s their own wedding. Right from young girls to old age grandma’s everybody wants to look beautiful. But at the same time it’s a time to have fun, enjoy food and much more.  And the […]


Folic acid (Vitamin B9), also known as folate is a very important vitamin , mainly required at the time of pregnancy to prevent neural tube defects. Although in normal life cycle also foods rich in folic acid are required to maintain healthy body processes. Similarly Vitamin B12 is also required for normal and healthy life […]

Top 10 sources of vitamin C

vSources of vitamin C

Vitamin C  a water soluble nutrient is required by all of us for various process of the body. When suffering from cold generally people don’t prefer taking vitamin C rich foods, but the fact is that Vitamin C makes the immune system healthy and helps in fighting with cold. Being a powerful antioxidant it reduces […]