Tell Your Story

Someone is waiting to hear from you!

You have been through it, experienced it first hand and understood it the hard way. Now it’s your turn to pass on the wisdom, knowledge and most important of all, your strength.

We have all been through those situations when we wished someone told us the way forward, the best way to handle the situation. If there was nobody for us, we can at least give that comfort to someone else.

This is the space for you to share your hard earned experiences, your advice to others and pass on the wisdom.

If you are

  • Someone who has coped with a prolonged diseases or still is
  • Someone who can help others with some critical information on a disease
  • Someone who has seen a close one deal with a disease

Do share your stories, experiences and everything that can prepare others to come out stronger from a disease.

You can submit your stories by clicking here and we will publish them on our website for others to read and share. It’s time to pass on the strength!