Case Study: Type 2 Diabetes


Type 2 diabetes management case study for reference. Diabetes management is important to prevent further damage to organs. this case study is simple illustration about diabetes management, dietary modification and […]

weight loss

Weight loss is a process which needs motivation, mentoring and right choice to achieve the goal. Weight loss plans fail due to various reasons one of them is lack of […]

Top 10 Health Mantras For Rainy Season

Cold, cough, flu, diarrhea, are very common issues during these days. The infections during monsoon decreases natural resistance of the body. To prevent these diseases you need to boost immunity […]

Best Summer Exercises To Lose Weight (Tejas Limaye)

Exercise is good for health. It helps in keeping extra weight away. Regular exercise helps in boosting metabolism and thus reducing weight. Besides all these benefits, exercise is good for […]

Diabetes Does & Don’ts

Diabetes- Do's & Dont's.pptx

Diabetes is rapidly spreading condition. One must control diet and lifestyle to manage this condition. There are several key points which can help you in managing Diabetes  Along with regular medicines […]

Take good night sleep

Take good night sleep

Sleep is an essential part of health. It allows your mind and body to rest and recharge. There are various factors which affect sleep. But few things can be managed […]

Top 5 Foods For Healthy Hair

top 5 foods for healthy hair

Healthy hair is a mirror of good health. Lustrous, long hair enhances looks. Not only females but males are also concerned about their hair. These simple tips will help you […]


Increased sugar levels during pregnancy can be cause to concern. It affects mother and baby both. One can handle this condition with proper diet and medication. But there are few […]

Dibetes and heart disease

Diabetes and heart diseases are closely related. In case of prolong diabetes; chances of developing heart problems are high. Due to increased sugar levels, heart muscles and blood circulation may […]

Monitoring Type 1 Diabetes

monitoring type 1 DM

Type 1 Diabetes is well known as insulin dependent Diabetes. One needs to take insulin injections and monitor blood sugar levels regularly.  [slideshare id=15586172&doc=monitoringtype1dm-121211041026-phpapp01]

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