Case Study: Type 2 Diabetes


Type 2 diabetes management case study for reference. Diabetes management is important to prevent further damage to organs. this case study is simple illustration about diabetes management, dietary modification and lifestyle changes. [slideshare id=26731776&doc=type2diabetesmellitus1-131001040052-phpapp02]


Diabetes is raising health concern in India today. Heart health, impaired blood sugar levels are concerns for common man. Heart health and diabetes are categorised as lifestyle conditions. This case study represents dietary and nutritional management for both the conditions. [slideshare id=26731481&doc=diabeticandheartpatient1-131001035339-phpapp02]

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

COPD the condition is also know as chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder case study. This is winning case study presentation for Just for hearts case study competition. Refer to these slides to know more about this case. [slideshare id=26731375&doc=chronicobstructivepulmonarydisease-131001035139-phpapp02]

Food for Women


Women need some special food which keeps them healthy & fit. Here are some special foods for women: [slideshare id=25623212&doc=foodforwomen-130826235356-phpapp02]


To maintain an adequate milk supply and help your baby grow lactating mothers  should  have a variety of nutrient rich foods to ensure good nutrition. These top 10 foods for lactating mothers helps to improve milk production and keep moms and baby healthy. [slideshare id=24934080&doc=top10lactationfoods-130805064805-phpapp02]

Tips for Healthy Fasting

Are You Fasting Today?

Fasting is most common amongst Indian culture. Many devotees fast on special occasions like aashadhi ekadashi, navratri, mahashivratri etc. And most of them tend to eat more during these fasting days as all fast day foods are high in carbohydrates as well as calories. So instead of taking fewer calories compared to other days they […]

weight loss

Weight loss is a process which needs motivation, mentoring and right choice to achieve the goal. Weight loss plans fail due to various reasons one of them is lack of right information and motivation. Refer to Just for Hearts weight loss plans  to start your Health journey! [slideshare id=24088239&doc=weightlossserviceppt-130710033440-phpapp01]

Top 10 Health Mantras For Rainy Season

Cold, cough, flu, diarrhea, are very common issues during these days. The infections during monsoon decreases natural resistance of the body. To prevent these diseases you need to boost immunity and bring some changes in your lifestyle. And it is all about maintaining healthy diet, exercise and hygiene. Let’s have a look on Top 10 […]

SRL case study

Obesity and lifestyle diseases are commonly seen in society. Present lifestyle and work nature are the hidden cause for this condition. Team Just for Hearts presents small observation amongst Pune residendents about overall obesity and lifestyle condition problems. Weight concern is not only limited to the visible no on weighing scale. one must understand the […]

Ask A Dietitian!

Ask a Dietitian

Ask a dietitian is a specialized service offered for our users and readers. Get answers to your Diet and Nutrition related questions. Ask a question in easy steps and get going with your healthy living plan. [slideshare id=21810944&doc=askadietitian-130524000150-phpapp02]