Preventive Health


  “Bye mom… I am going for my class” “Ok… Bye… have you forgotten your headphones on table?” “Oh god… thank you mom… How can I forget them? Bye…” Now-a-days primary needs of young generation have become mobile, laptop and their headphone. It’s not only at home but we need headphone everywhere. In market, to […]

How To Combat Water Retention

Many people, particularly women, complain that they often feel heavy and bloated. In some people, these are some well recognized cause like thyroid malfunction and  in many cases, it becomes a source of endless discomfort since the medical reports are usually fine. Water retention is a condition when due to various reason, the body holds water. In […]


Cancer is a debilitating disease that can consume a person’s life. A cancer patient will experience a roller coaster of emotions which can be very draining for the person. If you have a family member affected with this dreadful disease, you will need to do your part in supporting your sick loved one. Never forget to […]

Need of corporate wellness programs

Need Of Corporate Wellness Programs? Health and wellness is the call of an hour. Every individual must take care of health at right age to prevent lifestyle related conditions.  Lifestyle related conditions affect work performance, personal life, social life and financial sphere too. In 21st century India has reached to epidemic of obesity. 5% of […]

Summer Special Tips

Summer Special Tips

Weather in the city turning hot day by day. In these warmer, longer, lazier days of summer, living may not be easy, it is good time to increase your intake of fluid and take special precautions if spending long hours outside. Summer brings many health problems with it such as heartburn, excessive body heat, sweating, and […]


Living healthy life, eating balanced food and leading stress free life is not only to preach; but it is something one must follow in daily living. Whether you’re a busy house wife, business owner, CEO, Doctor, Healthcare professional, student etc these most practical health habits will help you to change your busy life and achieve […]

cold n flu

Cold and flu is the most common illness seen in humans .Colds and flu always seem to be around the corner in winter. The seasonal changes with the relative humidity and has effect on the prevalence of colds. The most common cold virus survive better when humidity is low-that is the colder months of the […]

man and machine

Occupational health is essentially preventive medicine. It should aim at the promotion, and maintenance of the highest degree of physical, mental and social wellbeing of workers in all occupations. Healthy work force will help in achieving given task. Stress and life   are two important things to manage.  The levels of application of these preventive […]