How It Works?

Telephonic Diet Plan

How it Works_Telephonic Diet Plan

Telephonic Diet consultation is a specialized service offered for our users. Just for Hearts is fastest growing Health services provider in India. If you are one of those health frieks who fail to get counseling session just because of lack of time, here is the solution. Refer to this to get more information.

Health Sessions

Health Sessions

Health sessions by team Just for Hearts are popular amongst corporates, schools and community circles. Experts from Just for Hearts deliver health talk on lifestyle related topics. Just for Hearts believes on preventive wellness. It is better to prevent disease rather than treating it. On the same ground our wellness services work. Read to know […]

Personalized wellness diet plan

Personlaised wellness plans are unique combination of onsite and online Diet counseling services. Just for Hearts offers these plans in their Delhi and Pune office. Let food be your medicine. Learn with us how you can use nutritional intervention to lead healthy life.


Just for Hearts is a leading health care portal in India. JFH offers free registration for users.There is wide range of information, health tools, health related articles etc. You can access your profile details from any corner of the world. Get registered with Just for Hearts and lead healthy life.

How_it_works_Online Diet plans

Just for Hearts Online Diet plans are most popular among young crowd. Busy schedule, demanding working life, health issues, waiting time in doctors clinic etc are barriers for you to go for consultation? Here is the introduction to JFH Online Diet Plans. Easy payment options and 24*7 accessibility are the key features.   Read how […]

Just For Hearts: Ask A Doctor


Just for Hearts is a leading healthcare portal in India. Ask a Doctor is a service specially designed for patients or users who are seeking for second opinion in their medical treatment. In easy steps users can register with Just for Hearts, make payment and get answers for their health related question. Click here to […]

Just For Hearts: An OverView


Just for Hearts is a leading health care portal in India. Online and onsite activities such as health talks, health screenings, etc are popular. Corporate wellness is a niche area of interest for JFH. Cardio-wellness center by JFH is popular among IT industry. Click here to more about activities. [slideshareid=15530466&doc=howitworksusers-121207012947-phpapp02]


Just for Hearts offers unique platform for healthcare Professionals. Easy registration and interactive platform are two benefits. Public forum is the most interactive platform. You can provide answers to users health related questions. Click here to Know To get Started with Just For Hearts.

Just For Hearts: Public Forum

How_it_works_Public forum

Just for Hearts offers public forum, a open platform to get answers for free. Public forum is open to one and all who are registered with us. in few easy steps you can get answers to your health …