Health Calculators

Ideal Body Weight Calculator

Ideal body weight calculator helps in calculating healthy body weight and healthy weight range for an individual.  Ideal body weight mainly depends on age, gender and height.  There is no fixed figure as an ideal body weight.

BMI Calculator

Body mass index is the ratio between body weight and height. It gives an indication for being underweight or overweight or obese. It is a primary tool used to assess Ideal body weight for present height. This quick tool is provided for an individual to assess health risk related to obesity and future health hazards due to present weight.

BMR Calculator

Basal Metabolic Rate is the calorific requirement of the body while being at rest. These many calories are required by your body to perform basic activity like blood circulation, breathing, kidney function etc. Every individual has unique calorie requirement.

Body Fat Calculator

Body fat calculator helps to assess degree of obesity for an individual. Some amount of fat is essential for human body. It helps to maintain body temperature, cushion the organs, joints etc. Besides this essential fat stored fat in the body is not god for health.

Body Surface Area Calculator

Body surface area mainly used in medical conditions measures or calculates human body surface. In some medical conditions it is better indicator than metabolic rate. It mainly considers height and weight to calculate body surface area. It is used in prescribing specific medicine doses.

Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator

This calculator helps in determining overall health risk for life style diseases. People with more fat deposit around stomach are prone to lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases etc. People with more fat around hips are less likely to develop such kind of diseases.

Waist to Height Ratio

BMI tools are popular amongst weight watchers. But recent studies suggest waist to height ratio gives better idea about health than BMI. It needs simple measurement of waist and height. This tool gives an idea about fatness or thinness for an individual.

Maximum Heart Rate Calculator

Maximum heart rate is a numerical expression for heart activity. It is the maximum number of beats your heart can beat without any health hazards to health. It can vary as per the age; activity level etc. knowing this figure can help one planning effective exercise routine without hampering health.

Target Heart Rate Calculator

Knowing target heart rate helps people exercising regularly. For normal individual resting heart rate ranges from 60 to 100 beats per minute. Too high or too low heart rate can be due to some disease. Knowing target heart rate helps in peak exercise.

Treadmill Test

Treadmill stress test is commonly used to estimate heart functioning. This test will help an individual knowing his aerobic activity capacity. This is individual’s capacity to transport oxygen during exercise. It determines fitness level for an individual.

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