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Health Calculators

Ideal Body Weight Calculator

Ideal body weight calculator helps in calculating healthy body weight and healthy weight range for an individual.

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BMI Calculator

Body mass index is the ratio between body weight and height.It gives an indication for being underweight or overweight or obese.

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BMR Calculator

Basal Metabolic Rate is the calorific requirement of the body while being at rest.

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Body Fat Calculator

Body fat calculator helps to assess degree of obesity for an individual. Some amount of fat is essential for human body.

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Body Surface Area Calculator

Body surface area mainly used in medical conditions measures or calculates human body surface.

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Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator

This calculator helps in determining overall health risk for life style diseases.

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Waist to Height Ratio

But recent studies suggest waist to height ratio gives better idea about health than BMI.

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Maximum Heart Rate Calculator

Knowing this figure can help one planning effective exercise routine without hampering health.

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Target Heart Rate Calculator

Knowing target heart rate helps people exercising regularly. For normal individual resting heart rate ranges from 60 to 100 beats per minute.

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Treadmill Test

Treadmill stress test is commonly used to estimate heart functioning. This test will help an individual knowing his aerobic activity capacity.

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