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Heart Health

17th May is the date dedicated for ” World Hypertension Day ” . Theme for 2016 is ” Know your Numbers ” . Just for Hearts celebrating this events with […]

Defend diseases with power of Healthy nuts / Soma Paul / my eclinic /Just for Hearts

Evidence suggests but doesn’t proof that eating 1.5 ounces per day of most nuts, such as almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, pecans, some pine nuts, pistachio, and walnuts as part of a […]

Heart rate : Important facts

Heart rate Important facts

Our heart is a muscle which works nonstop every second till we are alive. But most of us know very less about this single most vital part of our body […]

Pump your heart health with simple tips|Blogs|just for Hearts

Your heart health is in your hands. The do’s and the don’ts for heart health do not necessarily mean giving up on something you are totally crazy about and embracing […]

Complete Heart Check up

Heart disease is a major concern affecting hundreds of patients every day, and doctors are committed to conducting research and providing effective technology to combat this issue. Thanks to advancing […]


What is cholesterol?

At some point of our life, we all have heard about Cholesterol, but many of us don’t know what exactly it is.. WHAT exactly is Cholesterol? It is a waxy […]

Cholesterol: Myths and facts

Cholesterol Myths and facts

You are fat and people make you believe that you have so much cholesterol within that you are just few days away from your rendezvous with that fatal heart attack. […]

World Hypertension Day 2014

World hypertension day

Hypertension commonly known as high blood pressure is a very common cause of strokes and heart attacks the world over. The World Hypertension League (WHL) has been working towards spreading […]

How to shop heart healthy foods ?

When you go out shopping for your grocery, you have a list of products that you are going to buy or plan to buy. But have you ever sat down […]

The Truth about CPR


At some point in time most of us have been exposed to CPR training. It is so prevalent in our society that it almost seems like a rite of passage. […]

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