Heart Health

The Truth about CPR


At some point in time most of us have been exposed to CPR training. It is so prevalent in our society that it almost seems like a rite of passage. I know for a fact that I have had CPR training at least four times before I even entered college. But it wasn’t until I […]

Heart Health

The importance of your heart cannot be overstated. Very simply put, your heart is absolutely essential to your survival, and a healthy heart can mean the difference between a happy life and one filled with potential medical difficulties.  Tip Number One: Eat Heart Healthy Foods One that is concerned about heart health should eat heart […]

Lipid profile

Lipid profile is a commonly performed lab test performed to detect abnormalities in blood cholesterol and its components. Deranged values often suggest cardiovascular (heart disease) risk. Who should do it & how often? Recommendations suggest- In children, this test is not routinely performed. Some organization assess it once between 9 to 11 years of age […]

What is a heart attack?

heart attack

Our heart works 24x7x365; we seldom realize it, unless we experience pounding heart beats! We neglect our heart very conveniently and take it for granted! On one fine morning somebody starts feeling chest pain, sweating, numbness in arms & back, stomach discomfort, shortness of breath & finally collapses with a heart attack… Then he/she (if […]


Heart disease is the single largest cause of death in India with heart attacks being accountable for one third of all deaths caused by heart diseases. Many of the Indians don’t act quickly; make it to the hospital on time for help. When a heart attack happens, delay in treatment can be deadly. So, it […]

Prehypertension  Are you at risk

You all might be familiar with ‘hypertension’ but many of you may not be aware of – ‘prehypertension’. Well don’t worry its not a new illness but a warning sign. First, let us revise the basics of blood pressure. Definition – What is blood pressure? The pressure exerted by the blood on the wall of blood […]

Eat Breakfast & Save Your Heart

” Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Missing it out has been found to increase risk of heart disease. A 16 year long study published in American Heart Association journal circulation says that skipping breakfast increases the risk of heart attacks by 27 % in men. Men those who reported skipping breakfast were […]

Are men more prone to heart attack ?

We all might have heard the fact that men are more prone to get heart attack and other heart diseases than women. But is it 100% true? The recent research highlights- though men are more likely to suffer from heart attacks, women are more likely to die within a year from having a heart attack! […]

Heart Attack: Seize The Golden Hour!

Time is of the essence when someone has struck down with heart attack or any other major traumatic injury. Because immediate action is so critical to limit damage & optimize a better recovery for the patient, health care professionals refer to this time frame ” The Golden Hour“. Golden hour is the critical one hour from the onset […]

Heart Risk Warning Over Painkillers

Popping a painkillers for small problems has become a habit for most of people. But do you know how it can affect your heart health?Let’s know about what studies say about these painkillers. Heart Risk warning Over Painkiller ( Diclofenac) Study shows, widely used painkiller like Diclofenac , Ibuprofen in high doses increase the risk of […]