Blood Glucose Testing using a Glucometer

It is very easy to test blood sugar at home using a glucometer. Glucometer or Glucose meter gives instant and reliable results if properly used. This video gives some important tips to get best out of your glucometer and know your diabetes control precisely.  

Microalbuminuria test

What is microalbuminuria? Microalbuminuria is simply the presence of albumin (proteins) in urine. In a properly functioning body proteins are normally retained in the bloodstream by the kidneys. The blood vessels in the kidney filter waste products from the blood and this waste is expelled out in the form of urine. However if these blood […]

How to avoid DKA?


Diabetes Ketoacidosis (DKA) is a serious complication of diabetes resulting from hyperglycaemia, when blood glucose is usually higher than 250 mg/dl. DKA commonly occurs in people with type 1 diabetes but may occur in type 2 in conjunction with a serious infection or illness. DKA develops when there is an absolute or relative deficiency of […]


A very common question asked by the relatives (especially the partner) of a person having diabetes  is- ‘ My partner has type 2 diabetes , will I develop it too?’ Recently a study was conducted which says partners of people with type 2 diabetes are 26% likely to develop diabetes than partners of people without […]

Foods that do not affect blood sugar

Diabetes is chronic metabolic disorder. If not controlled well, it can result in some serious complications. So it is necessary to maintain your blood sugar levels in healthy range and keep away from diabetes related problems. Below is the list of some foods which do not have effect on blood sugar levels and in-turn keep […]

Warning signs of diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic disease caused due to the malfunctioning of the pancreas. Diabetes can effect people at any age – from an infant to a mature adult. In the earlier times, diabetes was also called sweet urine and was diagnosed as a disease which leads to muscle loss. Pancreas makes insulin, a hormone which […]

Top 10 Exercise Motivators

Exercise motivators

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” –         Agatha Christie This is a rightly said quote by great book writer Agatha Christie. One should be internally motivated to get start with exercises on regular basis. Speaking about facts we have millions of reasons to never start exercising. It is only if one gets the […]

Organs affected by diabetes

By now almost all of us know about diabetes. Diabetes means increase in blood sugar. As the blood flows through entire body and high blood sugar reaches every organ, diabetes generally affects all the body parts. There are  some organs which are affected to a greater extent. Our experts say that four organs are specially […]

Is eating rice bad for diabetes copy copy

We all are aware that diabetes is a non-curable disease. So a diabetic person should follow a strict diet in order to control his sugar levels. Regular exercise, proper balanced diet and medication (if required) is the only way to control blood sugar levels. It is said that eating a lot of carbohydrates makes you […]


Diabetes is a non-curable disease which needs to be controlled by a proper diet and regular exercise. Some food items aggravate your diabetes whereas some help control diabetes. So here are some wonder foods for diabetes: 1. Methi (fenugreek) seeds: It contains a component- trigonellin which controls sugar in our body. As we are aware […]