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Rainy season, Kids health

Monsoon is favourite season for kids to enjoy but it also bring season of infections along with it. All mummies must be worried about what precautions to be taken to […]

Statestics of Online Patients

An online diet consultation is in trend. Though many people have become health cautious, very few of them are really serious to go for paid services or buy a product. […]


Thinking of going for 14 days free trial diet plan or already applied for it? This guide will help you to know how the plan works & what things you […]


Just for Hearts Free eclinic is a platform for all dietitians who are willing to start online diet consultations and have faith and trust on online service. Online health consultation […]


How many of you have the weight issue or any medical condition which strongly needs a diet advice? Let me guess. 70-80%? And how many of you have really visited […]

Eclinic for Dietitians in India

Popularity of online diet consultations is enlarged since 2-3 years a lot. Being an online dietitian what I feel is, Online health consultation, diet consultation is a need of an […]

Myths Blog images 2  copy copy

With the increasing consciousness and ridiculous searching, lot of funny Nutrition myths are seen in the area of health and nutrition. Everyone tries to be a professional adviser with the […]


Do you think you can bend forward and touch your toes? Can you sit silently for 30 minutes without thinking anything? Or do you think you can handle your stress […]

Yoga at workplace


Most people spend a third of their adult life at work. There is always a war to strike a balance between work and life.  All the health related problems faced […]

Weight loss is a process which one should follow till they reach their goal and even try to continue it to maintain the targeted weight lost. A bit boring process […]