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How Alcohol Degrades Your Health and Wellbeing

Proponents of alcohol like to point out that there are actually certain benefits to drinking limited amounts of alcohol. For example, moderate amounts of alcohol may reduce bad cholesterol and […]

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exercise to lose weight

People think that as you go on in life, it gets much harder to take care of your body. The reality is that age doesn’t have to do anything with […]

Whenever you hear the word “Diet” for weight loss, first thing which comes to your mind is, that now sacrifice all your tasty and lovely food and just change your […]

Misleading labels and ads

Seen the TV commercial in which a mother tells story of her son on how his sports performance improved after drinking a chocolate drink? Similar to this is the one […]

Heart diseases

Being diagnosed with a heart condition can be a good thing, since some people do not get the privilege of a diagnosis. They perish only to have the cause written […]

Traffic color diet

What you think when you see tri colors of traffic signal? Of-course go ahead when you see green and stop when you see red and yellow signal signifies slow down […]

Stress management , Laughter therapy

Stress is the most common reason for all the lifestyle diseases. Infact, stress is the inevitable part of our life. Independence from stress is almost next to impossible. However the […]


What is 100 Days Challenge? Just for Hearts offers an exciting offer to set up and build your E Clinic in 100 Days. In this, we assure you that you […]

healthy independance

The health of the people is reflection of quality of life and it is highly significant for a developing nation like India. India facing different and varying health related challenges. […]