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Say Yes To Dry Fruits

Say Yes To Dry Fruits |Blogs| Just for Hearts

Dry fruits are nuts and dried out fruits or can simply explained as fresh fruits with water removed or dehydrated to retain the pulp of the fruit. Dry fruits are […]

marathi women making food | Importance of traditional food | Ideal diet for whole family | Healthy lifestyle | Ayurvedic diet tips

*आहाररहस्य* *आहारसार भाग 4* मी कोणता आहार घ्यावा ? मांसाहार घ्यावा की घेऊ नये ? जेवणात काय असावे ? नसावे ? तेल कोणते वापरावे ?…… …… असे अनेक प्रश्न प्रत्येकाच्या […]

Diet according to your need | why personalized diet | Diet according to ayurveda | Just for Hearts

   *आहाररहस्य* आहार आणि वय,  आहार आणि देश, तसच आहाराचा शरीरबलाशी मनोबलाशी संबंध असतो. बल म्हणजे ताकद, क्षमता. ही प्रत्येकाची वेगवेगळी असते. सर्वसाधारण तरूण वयाची पोटात अन्न सामावून घेण्याची क्षमता […]

excuses for healthy lifestyle | Ayurvedic dincharya | Ayurveda & Health | Dr Suvinay Damle | Just for Hearts

*उपवास भाग 22*      *नैसर्गिक उपवास भाग 10* नैसर्गिक उपवास न घडण्याची कारणे आणि उपाय. छे, हो, एवढ्या लवकर कसे जेवायचे ? वेळच नाही हो. आम्ही घरीच येतो आठ वाजता […]

How Asthma Can Affect Other Health Conditions And Aspects Of Your Life |Blogs| Just for Hearts

Asthma, one of the most common diseases of the pulmonary system, affects many people all around the world. On a basic level, it makes breathing difficult due to the narrowing […]

उपवास \ Chaturmas / upwas - why should we do | Upas ka karava | Ayurvedic views| Dr Suvinay damle

*उपवास भाग 10* सर्वांनी, दर चार तासांनी, खाल्लेच पाहिजे, अन्यथा आपल्याला *अल्सरसारखे* पोटाचे आजार उद्भवू शकतात. ही विनाकारण घातलेली भीती आधी दूर केली पाहिजे, ही (जी भीती ) उपवासामधे मोठ्ठा […]

Healthy colon, Happy you \ Blogs\ Just for Hearts

The colon(also known as the large intestine) is the final stop in food’s journey through the digestive tract. This organ is not only waste disposal of your body but it […]

This international yoga day say goodbye to cervical spondolysis! \ Blogs \ Just for Hearts

Cervical spondylosis is an age-related condition which affects joints and disks of your neck. It is some times also referred as cervical osteoarthritis or neck osteoarthritis. Age is not the […]

पित्ताचे पथ्यापथ्य | Dos & Donts for Pitta Dosha | Health article | Just for Hearts

पित्त म्हणजे सळसळते तेज महाभूत. उत्साहाचं प्रतिक, सूर्य याचा स्वामी. आणि आरोग्य सूर्यावर म्हणेच पित्तावर अवलंबून असते, असे म्हटले तरी चूक ठरणार नाही. पित्त म्हणजे साक्षात अग्नी. जसा बाहेर सूर्य […]

It Is Autistic Pride Day 2016! Get Your Facts Cleared About Autism \ Blogs\ Just for Hearts

Autism is a brain dysfunction which might affecting anyone from 3 months to three years of age. Autism has 2 effects, either the child is an absolutely normal behavior or […]

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