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Health Articles

This international yoga day say goodbye to cervical spondolysis! \ Blogs \ Just for Hearts

Cervical spondylosis is an age-related condition which affects joints and disks of your neck. It is some times also referred as cervical osteoarthritis or neck osteoarthritis. Age is not the […]

पित्ताचे पथ्यापथ्य | Dos & Donts for Pitta Dosha | Health article | Just for Hearts

पित्त म्हणजे सळसळते तेज महाभूत. उत्साहाचं प्रतिक, सूर्य याचा स्वामी. आणि आरोग्य सूर्यावर म्हणेच पित्तावर अवलंबून असते, असे म्हटले तरी चूक ठरणार नाही. पित्त म्हणजे साक्षात अग्नी. जसा बाहेर सूर्य […]

It Is Autistic Pride Day 2016! Get Your Facts Cleared About Autism \ Blogs\ Just for Hearts

Autism is a brain dysfunction which might affecting anyone from 3 months to three years of age. Autism has 2 effects, either the child is an absolutely normal behavior or […]

Health tips for summer care \ Blogs \ Just for Hearts

भाग-दौड़ की जिन्दगी में गर्मी के डर से घर में दुबक कर बैठ भी तो नही सकते।गर्मी को देखते हुए जरूरी है कि पहले से ही इस मौसम के लिए […]

A complete guide to Hypertension \ Blogs \ Just for Hearts

Your blood pressure is usually recorded as say for example, 116/78 mm of Hg. What do these numbers denote? The upper number (116) represents Systolici.e. pressure in the arteries when the […]

Superfoods for gorgeous hair \ Blogs \ Just for Hearts

Everyone of us  want long, gorgeous hair , don’t we? Having good hair depends on many factors such as heredity, maintaining the health of your hair and also nutrition. Yes, nutrition […]

PCOD and Ayurved

PCOD and Ayurveda \ BLogs \ Just for Hearts

Nowadays the most common problem encountered at the time of Menarche (onset of Menstrual cycles) is PCOD/PCOS. Symptoms: *Hairfall *Weight Gain *Irregular Menstrual Cycles (Delayed/ recurrent/ heavy bleeding with clots) […]

Digestion according to Ayurveda | Ayurveda in Daily Life | Just for Hearts

मिक्सर एकदा सुरू केला, झाकण लावले की, बटन बंद करेपर्यंत झाकण उघडायचे नाही अन्नाचे पचनाचे काम सुरू असताना आत काही टाकायचे  नाही. पोटाला शांतपणे काम करू द्यावे. तर अन्नपचन नीट […]

Indigestion main cause of lifestyle diaereses | Ayurveda in daily life | Dr Suvinay Damle | Just for Hearts

उपद्रव करणार्‍यांचे काय करायचे ? तेच करायचे, जे वर्गात एखादा गडबड करणारा मुलगा करतो. वर्गातून बाहेर काढून टाकायचे. अगदी कोणतीही दयामाया न दाखवता ! जर योग्य वेळी याला बाहेर काढले […]

Is snoring / sleep apnea related to Heart disease? \ Blogs \ Just for Hearts

Snoring can be annoying, especially for those who have to bear it. But it is so much more than the loud noises; sleep apnoea is a medical condition that causes […]

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