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Health Articles

Losing is Winning, 4 Unexpected Ways to Stimulate Weight Loss / Just for Hearts

For those that have hit a plateau on their own weight loss journey, take a look at these four unexpected ways to lose weight without the frustration. 1. Get More […]

Five Tips to Eat a Healthier Diet that can Prevent heart Disease / Anita Ginsburg / Just for hearts

  With so much information out there about disease prevention and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. However, sometimes the smallest changes are […]

Defend diseases with power of Healthy nuts / Soma Paul / my eclinic /Just for Hearts

Evidence suggests but doesn’t proof that eating 1.5 ounces per day of most nuts, such as almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, pecans, some pine nuts, pistachio, and walnuts as part of a […]

online Health counselling

Now a days with everything booming in online we have anyone and everyone posting information and advice on the internet. Few among them might be misleading or harmful. It is […]

Lifestyle modification program for corporates

Too little attention is generally given to preservation of health. ‘Health’ usually comes into picture when someone takes a medical leave; someone gets detected with some health issue or when […]

Diet for perfect hair by Ritu singh- Noida, JFH Eclinics

Everything You Need To Know About Hair Loss by Dt. Ritu Raj Singh Thoughts shared by Ritu Raj Singh on Hair Loss:- “Major cause of hair falls are:- Hereditary Excessive […]

Dietitian Deepal Shukla, Mumbai , JFH Eclinics

Discussion about Weight loss Trends and Tricks in today’s Time  (Event by- Deepal Bhargav Shukla) Thoughts shared by Deepal Bhargav Shukla on Weight Loss:– “New trend in weight loss is […]

Statestics of Online Patients

Its Fun when your work is not only work or Job and You actually start enjoying it to the core. Working on your own is majorly driven by your inner […]

Cut down on Fats in Diwali

Whether it is the pre-Diwali parties, Diwali Day or Post Diwali our mind revolves only and only around fat and how to lose those flabs.So we all know & keep […]

The Importance Of Improving Your Patient Relationships

In today’s world, building patient relationships is vitally important. Strong patient relationships foster better communication, improve patient care and help protect physicians from lawsuits. Patients who have strong relationships with […]