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Top 10 Exercise Motivators

Exercise motivators

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” -         Agatha Christie This is a rightly said quote by great book writer Agatha Christie. One should be internally motivated to get start with exercises on regular basis. Speaking about facts we have millions of reasons to never start exercising. It is only if one gets the […]

Organs affected by diabetes

By now almost all of us know about diabetes. Diabetes means increase in blood sugar. As the blood flows through entire body and high blood sugar reaches every organ, diabetes generally affects all the body parts. There are  some organs which are affected to a greater extent. Our experts say that four organs are specially […]

Is eating rice bad for diabetes copy copy

We all are aware that diabetes is a non-curable disease. So a diabetic person should follow a strict diet in order to control his sugar levels. Regular exercise, proper balanced diet and medication (if required) is the only way to control blood sugar levels. It is said that eating a lot of carbohydrates makes you […]


Many have misconceptions about selecting our food items. We actually trust the advertising too much. Verifying if the product is actually healthy before building perceptions and is always beneficial. One should come out of the myths and check the health food items they are buying. If a food item is fat-free, it does not mean […]

diabetes foods

Diabetes is a non-curable disease which needs to be controlled by a proper diet and regular exercise. Some food items aggravate your diabetes whereas some help control diabetes. So here are some wonder foods for diabetes: 1. Methi (fenugreek) seeds: It contains a component- trigonellin which controls sugar in our body. As we are aware […]


We all are aware of the most common disease around us. It is nothing but diabetes! According to the latest statistics, 384 million people are affected with diabetes all around the world in 2012-2013 and 63 million are found in India. Predictions say till 2030, it will be the 7th leading cause of death. Looking […]


Now-a-days our lifestyle does not give us time to have proper diet. Every 3rd person is found diabetic amongst a group of 10. Diabetes is a lifestyle disease where blood sugar levels are elevated. Diabetes is not a curable disease but it can be definitely controlled by healthy diet, regular exercise and medications. One needs […]

The Truth about CPR


At some point in time most of us have been exposed to CPR training. It is so prevalent in our society that it almost seems like a rite of passage. I know for a fact that I have had CPR training at least four times before I even entered college. But it wasn’t until I […]

Is sugarfree a safe alternative?

The proportion of patients with diabetes and diet conscious people happily popping sugar-free pills is on rise.  These pills are advertised to have no effect on blood sugar, an effective measure to lose weight, a way to enjoy sweets without affecting health & diabetes etc. But before you gulp these pills, take a moment to […]

Heart Health

The importance of your heart cannot be overstated. Very simply put, your heart is absolutely essential to your survival, and a healthy heart can mean the difference between a happy life and one filled with potential medical difficulties.  Tip Number One: Eat Heart Healthy Foods One that is concerned about heart health should eat heart […]