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Free Balanced Diet Plan for Female

Diet for an individual depends on basic calorie requirements. Here is a Balanced Diet Plan for Female to help themselves for Healthy Lifestyle .

Diet plays important role in prevention of any disease and leading healthy life. Eating properly and taking care of health are two important things for a lady. While serving to all family members and taking care for them, she hardly finds time to look after herself. This quick balanced diet plan for women will help  in planning a day’s plan.

Balanced Diet Plan for Female

Time Meal Menu Quantity
7.30 Early Morning  Glass of water 1 glass
9.30 Break Fast Egg while omlette  with toast 2 each
1.30 Lunch Roti 3 with 1 katori vegetable+ Dal + salad ½ plate + curd 1 katori 1
4.30 Snacks whole fresh fruit 1
7.30 Dinner Rice ½ katori+  Roti 1 + Spinach vegetable + salad ½ plate
9.30 Bed time Milk + apple 1 1 glass
Foods to Include Foods to Avoid
 Fresh fruits, whole grains, cereals, Fresh vegetables, Salads, milk and milk products, Eggs and chicken. All processed foods, carbonated beverages, bakery products, fried food, Junk foods


Foods for Women Health 


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