Balanced Diet Plan for Adolescents

Adolescent is the teenage age group. They have increased requirement for vital mineral. Hormonal changes impact overall health at this time of point. Eating healthy, regular activity, exercise these are few things which can be acquired at this stage. Later on in life these things help.

7.30Early Morning Milk1 glass
9.30Break FastPaneer paratha with chutney1.5
11.00Mid morningApple1
1.30LunchVegetable sandwich with yogurt ½ cup3-4 slices
4.30SnacksSweet corn chat¾ cup
7.30DinnerMix veg Pulao with Onion raita + fruit chat1 cup1 katori 1 cup
9.30Bed timeMilk1 glass
Foods to IncludeFoods to Avoid
 Fresh fruits, whole grains, cereals, Fresh vegetables, Salads, milk and milk products, Eggs and chicken.All processed foods, carbonated beverages, bakery products, fried food, Junk foods

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