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Diet being an extremely important part of Healthy lifestyle, having a knowledge about healthy diet tips becomes a crucial consideration. In this user friendly techno-savvy era, it is now easy to get diet plans online by expert dietitians from all around the world. Whatever may be your concern, our expert online dietitians can help you out in sharing diet tips for weight loss, diet for weight gain, or for any lifestyle disease. Get the easy & immediate help from experts with Just a click.

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Ukadpendi recipes | Dr Rupali Panse

सकाळी उशिराने जाग येणे, पोळ्या करणाऱ्या काकूंनी टप्पा देणे आणि बरोब्बर ६.४० am ला बिल्डिंग मधल्या मैत्रिणीने बेल वाजविणे , रुपाली कालची पोस्ट वाचून आज मुगाचे धिरडे केले डब्यासाठी. तुझ्या […]

Keys to Healthy Diet

Keys to healthy Diet |Blogs| Just for Hearts

Developing healthy eating habits is not diet as confusing or as restrictive as many people imagine. The first principle of a healthy diet is simply to eat a wide variety of […]

Do you get diabetes when you eat sweet?|Blogs|Just for hearts

“दिवाळीत जरा गोड खाण्यात आले ना, त्यामुळे मधुमेह झाला.” “या उन्हाळ्यात आमरस जरा जास्तच खाल्ला, त्यामुळेच डायबेटीस झाला…” “तसा मला मधुमेह नाही… पण काल एका कार्यक्रमात थोडी (!) श्रीखंड-पुरी खाल्ली […]

Super foods to lessen the risk of Lung Cancer|Blogs | Just for Hearts

Lung Cancer is one of the leading cause of death amongst all other cancer deaths. The chief reason for most deaths due to lung disease is the most common Cigarette […]

Healthy Recipes to pile on this Diwali |Blogs| Just for Hearts

Diwali is a festival of celebration of lights, colors, love and of course not to miss Yummy foods. Specially in Diwali, we have a tradition of spreading the love by […]

Homemade Healthy Protein Powder

Homemade Healthy Protein Powder| Blogs| just for Hearts

With Gym culture becoming popular day by day, especially in youngsters, various protein powders and supplements have become an integral part of the daily diet. A well balanced healthy diet is […]

Cut down calories this Diwali ti keep up fitness | Blogs | just for Hearts

Diwali is a festival of Lights, Colors, and delicious Sweets. In this Diwali celebration we not only exchange greetings but exchanging special Diwali Namikns and sweets is also a part […]

Vegetarian Protein Foods for Bodybuilding | Blogs | Just for Hearts

Vegetarians who aspire for bodybuilding are often challenged with the difficulty of choosing quality proteins to improve muscle mass. The emphasize is on the quality of proteins, despite having abundant […]

Butternut Squash- A must in your Kid's Diet! | logs| Just for Hearts

Butternut squash belonging to the cucurbita family, out-stands its siblings in nutritional value and health benefits. This humble vegetable is a definite must in your kid’s diet. Butternut squash (100 […]

Top 10 Dietary sources of Iodine |Blogs|Just for Hearts

Iodine is an important trace mineral which is synthesized by Thyroid gland hormones. Though it is a trace mineral, it plays very important role in a number of bodily functions […]