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Want to write a blog post or be a part of our bloggers community ? , feel free to reach us and start contributing to best health portal in India

These FAQs are intended to guide you through the writing, formatting and submitting steps, with the goal of making it an easier process. If you’d like to submit a guest post, please READ THESE GUIDELINES and then contact Managing editor Ms. Pooja Kulkarni / Director Online Editorial Ms Divya Sanglikar

Contact information:

Divya Sangilkar : divya@justforhearts.org
Pooja Kulkarnipooja.k@justforhearts.org

Look what’s New!

We used to publish posts related to ‘heart health’ alone but we have now shifted gears and accept posts in these categories:

  • Diabetes: Lifestyle advice for patients with diabetes, day to day management of diabetes, prevention of diabetes, newer research in the field of diabetes etc.
  • Weight loss: Ideas aimed at helping overweight and obese individualsfor effective weight loss.
  • Diet: Anything and everything about diet, as long as we haven’t published it before
  • Exercise: Any aspect of exercise which is of interest to a lay man as well as to a health freak
  • Stress: Stress management techniques, therapies etc.
  • Lifestyle: Tits and bits of a healthy lifestyle right from minute details to a broad picture.
  • Health care: Health centered posts with specific focus on a particular health condition.
  • Heart health: We do still accept posts that are related to heart health and which have not yet been covered.

If your post doesn’t fall into one of these categories, that doesn’t mean it’s not a good fit! We love original ideas. Talk to us about what you’re thinking.

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What do writers get?
Unless pre-arranged with editors, contributors are not paid. We can offer a byline and a 1-2 sentence bio (with a link or two) at the bottom of the post. We work hard to share these posts across the web, which helps get visibility for both you and us!
In addition to being published on our blog, we often include posts in our weekly newsletter, which goes out to tens of thousands of ‘Just for Hearts’ members. Not bad exposure, right?

What should my bio say?
A sentence or two about you, plus a link to your website, Twitter handle or wherever you want to send readers. Please send us your bio with your post. Please DO NOT send a bio that’s longer than two sentences.

What should I write about?
This isn’t your mom’s career advice blog! Our goal is to be different – more exciting, forward-looking and outside-the-box – than the dozens of other career blogs out there. If your post idea could work for all of those other blogs, it’s probably not right for ‘Just for Hearts’.
Content should appeal to the demographics of our readership: ambitious young professionals in a variety of industries around the globe. Be helpful. Give advice. Offer an opinion.

Are there any topics in particular you’re interested in right now?
We always love unique angles on health and lifestyle. And writing on a topic that’s been in the news lately can only work in your favor (so long as your angle is unique and different than what’s already out there). But your best bet here is to be creative! And read our blog before submitting, so you understand our style and know what we’ve covered lately.

What’s ‘Just for Hearts’ style? What should I keep in mind while writing the piece?

  • Select topic that is relevant for our audience of young professionals.
  • ‘Just for Hearts’ posts and headlines have personality and voice. Posts should be written in a conversational tone rather than plain theory chunk.
  • ‘Just for Hearts’- being a multi-author blog, the first person stories may not be effective.  Readers may not be familiar with each blogger. So, keep first-person references to a minimum.
  • Post should be written in blog style, with short paragraphs. Blog readers tend to have a short attention span, so aim to get to the point early on.
  • The introductory paragraph should be awesome and attractive. Don’t begin with boring statistics!
  • Posts should be such that the readers should get connected and relate to your posts.
  • Most importantly, don’t be repetitive and monotonous! Push yourself to tell us something new and exciting!

How long should my posts be?
Shoot for 400-500 words.
Should I include links within the piece?
Yes, links can be included ONLY IF they are the appropriate posts on your site. We love when you link to other ‘Just for Hearts’ posts too!

Should I write a headline?
That’d be great! We reserve the right to tweak it for SEO, style or just to make it more attention-grabbing. But if you want to suggest one, that makes our job easier!

Can I reprint the post on my own blog?
‘Just for Hearts’ will own the rights to all content once it is published. All content must be exclusive to ‘Just for Hearts’ for 60 days (exceptions can be made with the editor’s permission), but we encourage authors to summarize and/or link to the post on their own blog (even within that 30-day window).
After 60 days, authors are welcome to re-purpose or re-post the content to their own or other websites. We request a link back to ‘Just for Hearts’ as the original publisher. Here’s the blurb we suggest:
This post first appeared on ‘Just for hearts’ a lifestyle and health care blog for young professionals.

Should I pitch you with my idea before writing the post?
Yes. It’s smart to ask us to approve your idea before starting to write. This will save your time.
If this is your first time pitching us, tell us your idea and why you’d be good to write it. You might also send us a link to writing samples (blog posts are great) so we feel confident you’ll be able to execute the idea.
Just because we like your pitch does NOT mean we’ll publish your post. We need to see the final piece before committing to running it on our site.

Will you edit my post?
That depends on how well you write it! We reserve the right to edit submissions for content, clarity, length and audience. If your post requires a lot of edits, we’ll send it back to you for review before publishing it (so long as we hear from you quickly approving the final version).
If you write cleanly, we’ll make a few edits and publish without sending you the final version.
To avoid driving your editor crazy, please use grammatically correct and short sentences with ONLY one space in between sentences.

What happens if I decide after you publish that I don’t want the post on the inter-webs?
Once it’s up, it’s up. There’s no going back. So please think long and hard about whether you feel comfortable with that particular post with your byline in the public domain.

How should I submit the post?
We do all our editing via Google Docs. If you’ve never shared a Google Doc before, here are easy instructions. Don’t forget to give us EDITING power. ( here we will finalize whether to get content by Google drive document or directly on WP by contributor access )

Tip: It’s best to create your post as a Google Doc, rather than uploading a Word Doc to Google. Sometimes if you take the latter route, we can’t edit even if you tell the doc to allow us to do so.

What about photos?
We don’t usually use photos. But if your post requires one, please send via email as an attachment.

Do you have any examples of awesome posts?
Sure! Here are a few we love:
Yoghurt Vs Curd
Top 4 health benefits of eating rice
Is wearing headphones bad for you?
How to make morning jogging a habit and why?
Home remedies for cholesterol control
Yoga asanas for heart disease
Weight loss tips for housewives

Anything I should do after I submit my post?
When it runs, we hope you’ll be active in the comments, responding to readers’ questions or thoughts. (Never forget to comment on your fellow contributors’ posts, either!)
Also, tweet or share the link if you’re proud of the piece! If you want to tag the blog, we’re @Justforhearts.

How long will it take for you to get back to me?
Once you send us your post, it usually takes us 2 weeks to review and edit it. (We get a lot of submissions!) If you don’t hear from us after two weeks, feel free to check back in to make sure your post didn’t get buried.
Once we edit your work, it will take another 2 weeks before it goes live on the site. That means if you have a certain date when you’d like your post to run; you should contact us about 4 weeks in advance.

What if I have more questions?
By all means, ask us! Our contact information is at the top of this guide.
Look forward to hearing your awesome pitch!

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