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Traditional healthcare practice in India is very common. But new technology and platforms are bring change the way Healthcare experts are working. Use of technology is going to make lot […]

Online Dietitians

We all are excited about working online. There are many thinking coming our way and it becomes hard to stick to one thing. As a dietitian first thing I learned […]

Cut down on Fats in Diwali

Whether it is the pre-Diwali parties, Diwali Day or Post Diwali our mind revolves only and only around fat and how to lose those flabs.So we all know & keep […]

The Importance Of Improving Your Patient Relationships

In today’s world, building patient relationships is vitally important. Strong patient relationships foster better communication, improve patient care and help protect physicians from lawsuits. Patients who have strong relationships with […]

Stress Management techniques

About stress Stress is talking point for all and gets tension due to chemical, physical or emotional factor causing unrest to a person bodily or mentally. The unrest may lead […]

Improve platelets with natural remedies

With the current rising cases of Dengue fever, all over the nation making all of us curious about its immediate effects on platelet degradation. So sharing some natural remedies for improving […]

Health check up for senior citizens

There are many clichés we associate with aging, from poor memory to bad health. Unfortunately, we know all too well most are based in truth, and after the age of […]

Lose weight Fast with Power Yoga

About power yoga Yoga is all about mixing the breath with a series of postures; a process leads to the production of heat and sweating, cleans organs and muscles. The […]

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