How to know whether you are eating enough

The food you eat is the source of energy and nutrition for your body. Getting enough food is rarely a problem, but getting enough good nutrition can be a challenge. What should you eat to stay healthy? Nearly everyone has an opinion – from your best friend to the daily newscaster! But keep in mind, […]

Healthy Traveling

Dieting while travelling, seems very difficult; many people literally drop their diet regime while travelling or when they go for vacations! They convince themselves by saying “I will do it much harder when I will be back in routine and will come back in shape again”. But very soon, it proves out to be futile! […]

How to Fix Wisdom Teeth Problems?

If upon eating or drinking cold things or hot things, sweet items, or upon touching the teeth with the other teeth or the tongue one experiences a feeling of pain or discomfort, then the person is said to be inflicted with ‘sensitive teeth’ or dentin hypersensitivity. When the underlying layer of your teeth, i.e. the […]

Buy online

Just for hearts offers various online health services which are tailor-made for an individual or an organization. This approach saves your time by sparing your traveling time, avoiding long queues at hospitals or private clinics and bypassing the waiting periods. It is a user friendly way designed as well as delivered by our experts. Get […]

Making the Most of an Injury How to Use Your Healing Time

When you’re an athlete of any kind, any mild to severe injury will require some time off to heal. Whether it be a twisted ankle, an unforeseen surgery, or a torn knee muscle, there is always that one golden rule to ensure a quick recovery from an injury: rest, relaxation and minimal strain on the […]

Common diseases caused by bad oral health

While to the average person it may seem that skipping the brushing of one’s teeth and other dental maintenance now and again is a matter of little importance, more prudent ones recognize that bad oral care can actually lead to some more important health issues other than simple bad breath.     Here are a […]

Heart rate Important facts

Our heart is a muscle which works nonstop every second till we are alive. But most of us know very less about this single most vital part of our body which starts beating much before the baby forms inside the womb!   Our heart beats one lakh times per day (heart rate: 72 times per […]

Top Health Trends of 2014

Every year, new trends enter the health arena. Some of them run for a while, then leave the scene. Others gather a following and create a lasting footprint. In 2013, the ancient grain family got a foothold. We met quinoa, amaranth, and super freekeh. When a health trend gains traction, it can spread like wildfire—even […]

Zero cholesterol foods

zero cholesterol foods

Cholesterol is found in every cell of the body and has important natural functions. It is manufactured by the body but can also be taken in from food. This waxy substance is produced by the liver and is needed to make vitamin D and some important hormones, build cell walls, and create bile salts that […]

healthy heart

Your heart health is in your hands. The do’s and the don’ts for heart health do not necessarily mean giving up on something you are totally crazy about and embracing something you find revolting. It is all about balance in lifestyle and diet and of course! Kicking some of those bad habits you are hooked […]

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