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Benefits of Fruit and Vegetable Juices \ Blogs \ Just for Hearts

You know when you have been working out and eating right, but you just cannot get rid of that last 3-7 pounds that appear to cling to areas like your […]

Ayurvedic Treatment for Liver Disease | Online Ayurveda Consultation | Dr Chandrashekhar Thite | Just for Hearts | My Eclinic

One of the most important organs of human body is LIVER . It helps in digestion of food. Nowadays, food contains many toxins such as pesticides, preservatives, etc. Also, some […]

How to keep nutrients safe from Vegetables\ Blogs\ Just for Hearts

“वांगी चिरून पाण्यात बुडवून ठेव नाहीतर काळी पडतील.” “चांगली उकळी येऊ दे त्या टोमॅटोच्या सूपाला…” “कोबी बारीक चिर आणि स्वच्छ धुवून घे. फार फवारणी करतात त्यावर…” “बटाट्याची साले काढ कुकरला […]

It Is Autistic Pride Day 2016! Get Your Facts Cleared About Autism \ Blogs\ Just for Hearts

Autism is a brain dysfunction which might affecting anyone from 3 months to three years of age. Autism has 2 effects, either the child is an absolutely normal behavior or […]

Health tips for summer care \ Blogs \ Just for Hearts

भाग-दौड़ की जिन्दगी में गर्मी के डर से घर में दुबक कर बैठ भी तो नही सकते।गर्मी को देखते हुए जरूरी है कि पहले से ही इस मौसम के लिए […]

A complete guide to Hypertension \ Blogs \ Just for Hearts

Your blood pressure is usually recorded as say for example, 116/78 mm of Hg. What do these numbers denote? The upper number (116) represents Systolici.e. pressure in the arteries when the […]

Superfoods for gorgeous hair \ Blogs \ Just for Hearts

Everyone of us  want long, gorgeous hair , don’t we? Having good hair depends on many factors such as heredity, maintaining the health of your hair and also nutrition. Yes, nutrition […]

Gestational DIabetes (Sugar Mommmies) \ Blogs \ Just for Hearts

Gestational diabetes (GDM) is when diabetes affects the pregnant women. It is usually seen in the 24th to 28th week of pregnancy and usually disappears after delivery. These women are […]

Online diet Plans – Trendy changeover for diet practices \ Blogs \ Just for Hearts

We are in a world where-in Smart cities are current in-thing, smart phones are capturing minds and smart people are trending worldwide! Every sector is booming in with advancement in […]

Smple tips for Weight loss \ Blogs \ Just for Hearts

Weight loss  as we all feel is about what we eat and how many calories we consume, but basically there are lot many factors behind it, something as simple as […]

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