Eclinic for Dietitians in India

Popularity of online diet consultations is enlarged since 2-3 years a lot. Being an online dietitian what I feel is, Online health consultation, diet consultation is a need of an […]

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With the increasing consciousness and ridiculous searching, lot of funny Nutrition myths are seen in the area of health and nutrition. Everyone tries to be a professional adviser with the […]


Do you think you can bend forward and touch your toes? Can you sit silently for 30 minutes without thinking anything? Or do you think you can handle your stress […]

Yoga at workplace


Most people spend a third of their adult life at work. There is always a war to strike a balance between work and life.  All the health related problems faced […]

Weight loss is a process which one should follow till they reach their goal and even try to continue it to maintain the targeted weight lost. A bit boring process […]


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Not enough sleep

What are some of the things that affect your health without you knowing about it? Having a dynamic lifestyle, it’s almost impossible to sit down and think about the health […]


In today’s era where everyone is so conscious about their health, everyone is all well versed with the advantages of exercise on physical and mental health. It is been very […]


“I have cut down sugars from my diet, I know it is bad for health!” most commonly heard sentence everywhere. Sugar is considered to be big trouble causing entity affecting […]

Green Tea

Nutritious and healthy options for weight loss. These are easy to prepare and take less time for preparation.  1. Start your day with a delicious Green Smoothie which is high […]