Osteoporosis – the brittle bone disease is very common especially in post-menopausal women and elderly. Optimum intake of calcium, proteins and regular physical activity are the keys to prevent and manage osteoporosis. This diet plan contains these key nutrients and very beneficial for people with osteoporosis.  

Thyroid diet plan

When the body lacks sufficient amount of thyroid hormones, it leads to hypothyroidism. It mainly disturbs the normal balance of chemical reactions in the body and automatically the process of metabolism becomes slow. An untreated hypothyroidism can cause a number of health problems such as obesity, joint pain, infertility and heart diseases.   Thyroid glands […]


A very common question asked by the relatives (especially the partner) of a person having diabetes  is- ‘ My partner has type 2 diabetes , will I develop it too?’ Recently a study was conducted which says partners of people with type 2 diabetes are 26% likely to develop diabetes than partners of people without […]

World Hepatitis Day 2014

World Hepatitis Day

Observed every 28th of July, the World Hepatitis Day is a day aimed at raising the awareness against the deadly disease that is Hepatitis. Hepatitis is not simply a disease but it is a bunch of deadly stages of the disease Hepatitis A, B, C, D and E. It is more deadly than we think […]

Health problems in rainy season

 Rainy season brings lot of fun, greenery and cool climate with it.  However, it also invites lot of health disorders as well. Dealing with such illnesses associated with rainy season is not very difficult. You should be aware of certain quick remedies if you cope with such illnesses due to rainy season. In the rainy […]


Bicep curls are the way to work your biceps without really hurting your back. It is easy to work on the biceps and manipulate the weights we want to use for our curls. Some of the benefits of bicep curls are- Flexes the muscles: Like any other workout does for other parts of the body, […]

Bench press

An upper body exercise, bench press is the most popular gym activity amongst the men. Every one going to a gym is either talking about it or checking out the results in the gym mirror. Bench press in an excercise where one lies down on the bench and lifts weight attached to a bar. One […]

PCOD diet

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a condition in which woman’s level of sex hormones are out of balance leading to the growth of small cysts over their ovaries. It can cause various problems like irregular or lack of menstrual cycles, irregular or no ovulation, reduced fertility, hirsutism, acne, rapid weight gain etc.  Some of the […]


An excellent machine to work on but can get monotonous at times, the elliptical is not all about just the bobbing up and down on it. A few variations of exercises can be performed on this machine and the results can be amazing.     1) Core Workout : While working on an elliptical if […]


As people are getting into the fitness zone, a lot of concept exercises are coming into the market and with a lot of equipments to work out different parts of the body. Stepper is one such equipment and works the lower part of the body which is from the hips to ankles and is also […]