ParivrittaTrikonasana is an extended version of Trikonasana.In this asana, the upper part of the body is completely twisted and bending sideways. Proper body alignments: Front foot point straight, back foot […]



Baddhakonasana is also termed as butterfly pose in English. It is one of the most simple forms of sitting Yoga asana. Sitting with both the feet joined in namaskar and then […]


Controversy of Tea & Coffee

Tea or coffee – Which is the best choice? The most common question comes in our mind. Both are beneficial to us. It’s never said one is superior to other. […]

Lemon Water for Weight loss

Health benefits of Lemon

We are mostly aware of the health benefits of lemon water, which is famous for weight loss concept. But we don’t know much about this. Researchers have proved that this […]


Suryanamaskar – SarvangSundaramVyayam Suryanamaskar is one of the best forms of warmup exercise. One cycle of Surya namaskar consists of 12 yoga poses which has alternate contraction and extension of […]

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exercise to lose weight

People think that as you go on in life, it gets much harder to take care of your body. The reality is that age doesn’t have to do anything with […]

Whenever you hear the word “Diet” for weight loss, first thing which comes to your mind is, that now sacrifice all your tasty and lovely food and just change your […]

Misleading labels and ads

Seen the TV commercial in which a mother tells story of her son on how his sports performance improved after drinking a chocolate drink? Similar to this is the one […]

Heart diseases

Being diagnosed with a heart condition can be a good thing, since some people do not get the privilege of a diagnosis. They perish only to have the cause written […]

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