Self defense

‘Just for Hearts’ arranges self defense sessions and demonstrations at various corporate and industrial setups. Here are the glimpse of one of the sessions.The session includes hands on training on various self defense techniques. Such sessions are greatly appreciated and especially women find it very useful. Book your appointment now! Visit or Call on […]

Sleep and Skin health

Sleep and skin health

Beauty is only skin deep and I need to get my beauty sleep…who would have ever thought that the vanity of a woman would actually have a scientific logic to it… Fact is this is true.. Sleep and skin health co-exist in the sense that the required hours of sleep repairs and nourishes the skin […]

Things you should never do when angry

There’s a lot of anger in the world today for a hell of a lot of reasons. People are angry at the politicians, angry about big business, about the climate, about employment, and about money. When you’re angry, it’s a red flag that something needs to change, and when you’re extremely angry, something needs to […]

Microalbuminuria test

What is microalbuminuria? Microalbuminuria is simply the presence of albumin (proteins) in urine. In a properly functioning body proteins are normally retained in the bloodstream by the kidneys. The blood vessels in the kidney filter waste products from the blood and this waste is expelled out in the form of urine. However if these blood […]

Shatavari - the wonder herb

A climber with a very self explanatory name, shatavari literally translates to a hundred roots or a hundred husbands. In both the cases the implications are quite true. This climber literally has hundreds of roots and is one of the most beneficial plants for female reproductive system. Thus the implications of the names. This plant […]

Types of bread

A staple to one and all, may it be as a sandwich or as a toast, for most of us bread, butter and eggs define the morning breakfast. Add to that the fact that most of us eat either white or brown bread (since brown bread equals fewer carbohydrates or more fibers so better). However, […]

Side effects of iron supplements

Iron is a mineral needed by the body for transporting oxygen and carbon dioxide from the lungs to the different parts of the body via blood. It’s deficiency leads to anemia which  comes in a package along with fatigue and loss of energy. A little work detail of iron will help understand that importance of […]


What is cholesterol?

At some point of our life, we all have heard about Cholesterol, but many of us don’t know what exactly it is.. WHAT exactly is Cholesterol? It is a waxy substance found in all cells of the body. WHY is Cholesterol there in the body? It is a vital part of our body & cell […]

Cooking Oil Gimmicks

Cooking Oil

Few days back I went to a food mart for monthly grocery shopping. While purchasing my monthly stuff, I could hear a conversation between two very health cautious ladies. And it was all about ‘cooking oil’. They were discussing about which oil is the best and both had different views. Being a Dietitian, I was […]

How to avoid DKA?


Diabetes Ketoacidosis (DKA) is a serious complication of diabetes resulting from hyperglycaemia, when blood glucose is usually higher than 250 mg/dl. DKA commonly occurs in people with type 1 diabetes but may occur in type 2 in conjunction with a serious infection or illness. DKA develops when there is an absolute or relative deficiency of […]