tea preparation

Tea for generations has been one of the most entertaining drinks around the household. It is also a great source for social gatherings. Being of such great importance to the lives of people worldwide it has also been a real speculation over the preparation of tea in a healthy form. The real question is how […]


We don’t need a reason to celebrate and enjoy delicious food. May it be promotion, passing the exam, trip, traveling etc. There are lot many reasons we have to celebrate. Celebration is related to food. Nice tasty food, extended diners, buffet lunches etc are in trend these days.  We cannot blame anyone for this concern; […]

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On the ocassion of World Health Day, Just for Hearts celebrated by organizing health talks on a nationwide scale. With the sole motive of spreading health awareness among-st the young generation and among-st the corporate, Team JFH is dedicated to serving their mission and vision of generating awareness among-st all age groups. Targeting the present […]

junk food

We all agree, junk foods is a real mood up-lifter, a simple bite on to a cheesy burger makes us forget the pressure that we feel through the day. The soft sinking feeling within the bread is when you start feeling your worries melting away. Well why is it that we resort to eating and […]

Diet Plan At Rs 1/-

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Health is Wealth, well and of course it is necessary that you follow a healthy diet and more importantly plan it according to your lifestyle. We at Just for Hearts care about you. Starting the 7th of April JFH is providing you with the option to plan your diet with a specialist at a throwaway […]


Acidity is the commonly found problem everywhere. Many times acidity gets aggravated due to unhealthy food choices. Why to ask for treatment and cure when you can take simple precautions to avoid it?


Have you got a sweet tooth? Excessive sugar consumption not only leads to tooth decay but also causes obesity and hyperactivity. Learn how to stay away from cravings!

healthy cooking

Healthy cooking is easy if one is aware and takes a little more care than the usual cooking. Here are the top 10 tips to retain nutrients in the food and to improve its health index! 1. Shop for healthy food: Cooking begins in the grocery shop / in the vegetable market! Shop for fresh […]

Stretching Exercises

Stretching exercises

Stretching exercises are important. They can be a part of aerobic exercises but can not replace your work out.  These exercises work on your muscle which helps in increasing elasticity of muscle, increase flexibility of muscle etc. eg – stretching exercises to increase height are most popular. Stretching exercises for women play important role in […]


Anxiety is a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome. Anxiety is something which affects our whole body. It effects how we feel, how we behave etc. It feels a bit like fear but whereas we know what we are frightened of and what we are anxious of. The main […]