MSG which is Monosodium Glutamate is basically a flavor enhancer as well as a food additive used in Chinese food to enhance taste while as an additive it is used […]

Not enough sleep

What are some of the things that affect your health without you knowing about it? Having a dynamic lifestyle, it’s almost impossible to sit down and think about the health […]


In today’s era where everyone is so conscious about their health, everyone is all well versed with the advantages of exercise on physical and mental health. It is been very […]


“I have cut down sugars from my diet, I know it is bad for health!” most commonly heard sentence everywhere. Sugar is considered to be big trouble causing entity affecting […]

Green Tea

Nutritious and healthy options for weight loss. These are easy to prepare and take less time for preparation.  1. Start your day with a delicious Green Smoothie which is high […]


I have captured pictures of food that heal and or help live a better life. All these pictures are of fresh and raw fruits vegetables in a form that the […]

Watermelon: Summer Fruit

It is said that even if kids are just mildly dehydrated, it can lead to change in mood, memory and learning abilities and can even lead to fatigue. And with […]

Gear up to beat the heat with plenty of Healthy Drinks from the juicy and watery fruits bestowed as gift of Nature during Summers. As soon as the sun increases […]

First question can come after reading title is what is ergonomics? Basically in a simple language ergonomics is a science of designing things in such a way that you make […]

Healthy Snacks

When the mid-afternoon slump hits, many of us reach for a snack that’s far from healthy. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or just focus on eating healthier foods, turning […]

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