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Sample Diet Plan for Fever

All of us, regardless of age and gender, crave for healthy and great looking skin. Many suffer problems such as acne, age spots and dry skin, but nature has …

Kidney Stone is a condition where a stone formation takes place in any part of the kidney. It may be because of some particular minerals and kidney cannot throw it …

A diet plan rich in micro-nutrients is critical for your eye health, clear vision and for avoiding eye diseases such as loss of night vision, dry eyes, cataract etc. Just …

Optimal nutritional status is important in the management of cancer. Adequate intake of all essential nutrients helps alleviate symptoms and the side-effects of the treatment (chemotherapy, radiation or surgery). Just …

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Diet Plan for Healthy Teeth


हिवाळा म्हणजे आहार आणि व्यायामप्रेमींचा आवडता ऋतू! आहारात योग्य बदल करून हा ऋतू आनंददायी आणि आरोग्यदायी करूया!
By Dr Tejas Limaye
Dietitian & Lifestyle Coach
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Diet Plan for Gout