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Just for Hearts bring in wide Health topics in Audio format to ease your information gathering. Audios are taken from JFH Health Experts.

Heart diseases

Being diagnosed with a heart condition can be a good thing, since some people do not get the privilege of a diagnosis. They perish only to have the cause written […]

pregnancy diabetes Dr. C. S. Yajnik Says” To control the epidemic of diabetes, we must aggressively diagnose and treat diabetes in young girls”

Dietary Tips to Avoid Heart Attack


Diet and exercise plays an important role to keep heart healthy. Here are few dietary tips to avoid heart attack.

Even though you are thin and have a normal weight, due to sedentary lifestyle & poor diet, extra fat can deposit in your body which can increase your cholesterol levels. […]

What is cholesterol?

High cholesterol levels may leads to severe heart disease, Expert Dietitian Seema Karva explaining how high cholesterol is harmful for your body.


Weight loss is a long term process. Many times people start with weight loss journey, set unbelievable goals and fail to reach the target. Setting SMART weight loss goal helps […]


Losing weight might be easy for some, but maintaining this weight is a difficult job. Most of people lose weight and regain the lost weight after few days. Here are […]

Weight Loss Plan

Weight Loss Plan

Weight loss is a process which needs motivation, mentoring and right choice to achieve the goal. Weight loss plans fail due to various reasons one of them is lack of […]


A combination of cholesterol-lowering drugs and lifestyle changes helps controlling cholesterol levels. Expert Dietitian Seema Karva explaining about how to reduce it in healthy way.

Effects of quick weight loss

Usually, weight loss of 0.5-1kg per week is considered as ‘safe’. It can be easily achieved by a proper well balanced diet and regular moderate physical activity. Losing weight more than […]