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benefits of soybean

Soya bean is a plant food also known as “the king of beans”. Soybean is the only vegetable food that contains all eight essential amino acids. Soya beans are processed to various soya products namely soy flour, soy milk, cottage cheese like tofu, fermented products like tempeh and miso. Soybean oil is used as vegetable […]


Folic acid (Vitamin B9), also known as folate is a very important vitamin , mainly required at the time of pregnancy to prevent neural tube defects. Although in normal life cycle also foods rich in folic acid are required to maintain healthy body processes. Similarly Vitamin B12 is also required for normal and healthy life […]

Reasons why we get exhausted


  “Doctor, I get exhausted very easily. Keeping up my stamina for an entire day is impossible. Moreover I start feeling tired by afternoon itself…” These are normal complains our experts and doctors get. But what is the reason of this exhaust feeling and why is coping up with it so difficult? So our experts […]


Do you have a feel of hunger all the day? Though you continuously   have some snacks you feel hungry? This is nothing but called as artificial hunger. Now, WHAT IS ARTIFICIAL HUNGER? Artificial hunger can be defined as the stage when feel of hunger present within an hour of your last food bite (snack/meal) i.e. […]

Best tips for beating depression

manage depression

Every morning we find minimum 2-3 suicide cases in newspaper. Almost all the suicide cases are due to depression and stress. Many of us cannot deal with such situation. Due to increase in such cases we feel it a need to write about tips to beat depression. Feeling bright and light again is very important […]

pregnancy diabetes Dr. C. S. Yajnik Says” To control the epidemic of diabetes, we must aggressively diagnose and treat diabetes in young girls”

Top Foods to Improve Memory


You must have heard that certain foods help to improve memory. Here are that top foods that will help to improve your memory.

How to overcome food cravings?

Hungry Boy at the Table

Many people face a common problem food cravings. Here are some tips to overcome food cravings.

Tips to lower cholesterol

Some specific foods are high in saturated fats & cholesterol, which may contribute to high cholesterol levels. One must avoid eating those foods and manage their cholesterol. Expert Dietitian Seema Karva explaining about which foods should be avoided to reduce cholesterol.

Dietary Tips to Avoid Heart Attack


Diet and exercise plays an important role to keep heart healthy. Here are few dietary tips to avoid heart attack.