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Team JFH

Hi, We’re Team Just for Hearts , Nice to meet you !

We are team of Wellness Professionals like Doctors , Specialists , Dietitians , Yoga Experts & Wellness Consultants , Content Creators , Developers & Marketers offering Preventive Healthcare Services as Onsite Health Check Ups / Screenings , Innovative Corporate Wellness Services as well as Online Health ( Diet/Lifestyle ) Consultations to high risk healthy individuals to help them in primary prevention ,maintain healthy lifestyle & better disease management


Dr. Ravindra L. Kulkarni

Being a Consultant & Interventional Cardiologist, Director Just for Hearts I closely work with patients and clients who are dealing with lifestyle conditions, heart diseases etc. With busy practice in core cardiology evolves the scope of dealing in the prevention field. Clinical research, case study presentations, white paper presentations are few more area of interest to express the learning’s in the society. Trying to spread the thought and service which believes on ‘One small step towards healthy living may save life and hear hazards in coming years’. Being experienced with more than a decade in the field of Interventional cardiology we are on a mission to strive healthy nation.


Dr. Manisha. R Deokar

Medical field in today’s time is changing the way the service is being delivered and accepted. Preventive wellness is the core area of my practice. Health checkups, preventive health checkups, Preventive cardiology are the areas where I deal closely. The work is not only limited to hospital but also communicate with patients over digital platforms to spread a word about Preventive wellness. Diabetes patient education is another field where I have experience more than 7 yrs. transforming the medical knowledge to easiest way to deal with patient care is what believes.

Divya Sanglikar

Divya Sangalikar

Healthy living is a process and in today’s time it needs motivation, consistency and persistence to achieve good health. While working in the field of corporate wellness since past seven years, Dealing with daily nutritional needs and problems is the core competency. I enjoy dealing with Ayurveda diet planning and counseling, Blood group diet planning focusing on lifestyle diseases such as obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, hormonal imbalance etc. Nutrition is a science which closely affects human health in long terms.


Nishat Kondvikar

Working with Just for Hearts since past 3 years. Handling web development and digital marketing strategies and implementing them over a range of online platforms is my core area of interest. Planning and communicating the concept ideas with the core team and creating implementation modules is what i work on.

Tejas Limaye

Tejas Limaye

Being a Nutrition specialist since couple of years, I am getting in touch with various kind of patients. Dealing with their daily nutritional needs, lifestyle conditions and health issues opens an array of nutrition science and principles for me. Lifestyle Modification for IT industry employees is a my core area of research. While working with two major IT companies as a part of my research boosts the thought of ‘Prevention is better than cure’. Diabetes is a big concern for Indians. Being a certified Diabetes educator I strive to educate diabetics and their caretakers to manage the condition and prevent further health damage. Nutrition is a science which affect your health and wellbeing. In today’s challenging world, have taken an oath to spread the knowledge and awareness amongst masses.

Shweta Kate

Shweta Kate

Dealing with lifestyle issues for patients and clients and helping them achieving their health goal is my core work. Being a nutrition specialist I daily answer questions related to consumers about health products and nutritional supplements, Diabetes management and lifestyle conditions. Using different platforms to deal with patients such as Tele communication, digital communication and answering their queries with regular writing and articles is my area of specialization.

Pooja Jadhav

Pooja Jadhav

Nutrition practitioner since couple of years is a passionate social media follower. Discussing with patients about their health issue, weight loss, weight gain, Blood sugar management etc are my key areas. Delivering health talks, managing smooth functioning of events and coordination is another side of work. In today time of social interaction and reach out to patients and customer I enjoy following modern technological platforms.

Pooja Kulkarni

Pooja Kulkarni

Life is full of stress, negativities, problems etc; I enjoy discussing stress management, lifestyle modification, achieving weight goals, health management etc on daily basis. Interacting with varied patient and customer stream gives me more and more insights on nutrition knowledge. Being in my early stage of practice I find a every interaction with my patients more knowliegible and informative.