Seems healthy … but so unhealthy!

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Seems healthy … but so unhealthy!


Many have misconceptions about selecting our food items. We actually trust the advertising too much. Verifying if the product is actually healthy before building perceptions and is always beneficial. One should come out of the myths and check the health food items they are buying. If a food item is fat-free, it does not mean it is calorie-free. Hence our experts have mentioned 5 unhealthy foods which many of us consider it as health foods and include in your daily diet.healthy

1. Diet coke:

We all consider diet coke to be sugar-free and health drink but ultimately it gives you only calories as you crave for food after consuming diet soda. This can add up to your weight and fat and thus kill your diet.

2. Fruit juices:

Most of us replace tea or coffee with fruit juices as we all have heard fruit juices are very good for our health. Some of us even have packed fruit juices without sugar. But are we aware that fruit juices have added sugar or preservatives which are unhealthy for us? Instead one should choose whole fruits as it contains more of fibers than fruit juices.

3. Biscuits and Bread:

We consider wheat bread or wheat biscuits to be good as health food but we ignore the fact that even if the flour has been changed, it is a processed food and bakery item. Bread and biscuits contain butter/ margarine which are high in calorie and will gradually result in weight gain. They also contain preservatives and baking soda which are bad for health.

4. Noodles:

Now a days we prefer having wheat noodles over maida noodles but it is again a processed food and contains lot of preservatives. These preservatives contains extra sodium and hence are very unhealthy for us.

5. Heavy salads:

Whenever one visits a restaurant they first order salads, thinking it is good as health food. But we forget,  it is loaded with cream, butter, salt, mayonnaise in a large quantities for good taste. This cream has large amount of calories.

Many such food items which we believe are healthy, are actually not healthy for our body. If you have any more such food items, feel free to tell us about them..!!

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