Reasons why Employees Do Not Use Corporate Wellness Programs

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Reasons why Employees Do Not Use Corporate Wellness Programs

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A number of programs are being used for worksite health and corporate wellness because work is where individuals invest plenty of their personal time. The advantages from this kind of programs are reaching from enhancing employee comfort to minimizing absenteeism and enhancing productivity, and as such, company earnings.

Until the workers in the workplace are interested in participating in workplace health programs, the plus point of these programs towards the health care reward plan won’t be helpful in decreasing corporate health care expenses.

There are plenty of explanations why employees usually do not use Corporate Wellness Programs. In a recent survey conducted by us, on individuals which represents various departments from different sized companies to see why they don’t take part in their own company’s wellness programs. The feedback we got was eye opening.corporate wellness program

The most valid reasons for not participating in corporate wellness programs:

  1. Worried that participation in wellness program may be linked with incentives
  2. A longer time is worn out at work
  3. Don’t want colleagues to discover them perspire
  4. HR department is executing the program for the business not specifically for employees
  5. Employees don’t have faith in the motivations and aims behind wellness programs
  6. Concerned about being judged badly for utilizing an hour spent in the program
  7. Administration and company executives don’t tell people about their own programs by active and setting up one example – mentoring
  8. Nobody knows what exactly is being accomplished with the personal health facts
  9. Don’t believe that the organization really cares about them
  10. Programs are lacking in any kind of individualism
  11. Mistrust of the authorities or service provider
  12. Scared that personal health information may possibly be used against them
  13. Needed to utilize personal time to take part in wellness group meetings and programs

The only sure technique of increasing employee participation in workplace wellness programs would be to understand what motivates each of these individuals. Employee involvement is important for achieving success. Workplace wellness programs do cut down health hazards, provided that employees with all the health risks accept to pay attention to the wellness tactics and make an effort to follow a positive involvement throughout their own life.

One challenge organizations may face is maintaining communication with employees Often, the work includes sharing complex important information that, in fact, employees aren’t interested in listening to, so business owners should consider all of the conversation tools they tend to have out there to all of them when conveying the information, like Banners, e-mail, interior websites and newsletters all should be taken into consideration.

Increasing employee participation will keep fresh health status that generates a get back on the contribution in the corporate  wellness program for employers.

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