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Myths about dieting


We all have some perceptions about certain topics. And the biggest myth which people follow is of dieting. Having a zero figure means stop eating completely and exercise for hours together is just one of all those myths. One should clarify the doubts before following any of those myths blindly.

1. Myth: Starving helps in losing weight:Myths about dieting

Fact: Starving makes you weak. As one require certain amount of nutrients in everyday and if our body does not get it we might end up having nutrient deficiencies. Having proper balanced diet and some exercises is the solution for losing weight.

2. Myth: Dieting means very low calorie food/calorie diet:

Fact: Diet to lose weight means low fat diet but it must be high in fibers. Small meals at regular intervals are very necessary. Avoid too much of oil, but don’t completely neglect it.

3. Myth: Eating 1 piece of high calorie food will increase piles of weight:

Fact: This myth is mostly followed by women. You should not hamper your taste completely in order to lose weight. One piece of cake or chocolate will definitely increase your calorie intake but it won’t increase your weight or make you fat immediately. One can exercise for 10 minutes more in order lose those calories.

4. Myth: Intake of water before meals should be nil:

Fact: this is one the most commonly found myths. If one drinks more amount of water before their meals then they eat less and this will help them in losing excess weight. Salads and fruits like tomato, cucumber having high water content take time to digest.

5. Myth: Nuts make you fat:

Fact: Eating healthy nuts like almonds, walnuts on regular basis are rich in good types of fats and good for heart too. Eating 2-3 nuts once in a day is healthy advice. Superstitions are followed everywhere. But it depends on you whether to follow these myths or consult a dietician and follow a correct diet according to your health. If you are aware of any more myths and want to confirm them then feel free to tell us about it and get solutions here..!!

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