Why to avoid Crash Diet?

Do you starve for your favorite food for the sake of dieting or losing weight? Dieting is a common term used in today’s time which mainly signals toward weight loss.  Crash diet is a dietary habit or typical diet which is deprived of calories and severe restriction on food intake. Fad diets are also referred to crash diets.  You follow any weight loss plan if it allows you to take more than 4 meals a day with required amount of carbs, protein and fats cannot be a crash diet. Crash diet plan usually restricts consumption of one nutrients or very less number of meals in a days. Eg – only fruit diet for long time, eliminating carbs from diet etc.

How does crash diet looks like?

Effects Of Crash Diet

Effects Of Crash Diet

There are few diets which claim quick weight loss in less time. They work in the starting but after some time person stops losing weight.  Restricted consumption of carbohydrates or calories results in loss of body water. But it does not help in losing fat.  There are some of the examples of crash diet:

  • Cabbage soup diet
  • Master cleanse diet
  • Detox diet for long time

This kind of diet consists of consumption of low calorie food intake throughout the day. In cabbage soup diet person needs to take low calorie cabbage soup for many times a day.

Any Diet providing daily calories less than 1000Kcal should not be taken for more than one or two days.

Then is this kind of diet is very less in calories what the health effects of crash diet are:

  • Starve for food – keeping yourself hungry will never help to lose weight. One can avoid eating food for some days but when you get back to normal dietary habits weight goes high and all efforts taken to lose weight are go waste. There are chances of binge eating which means- person eats a lot of food after fasting for long time.
  • Nutritional deficiencies – if crash diet is followed for long time one can develop nutritional deficiencies. It can be iron deficiency leading to anemia, vitamin deficiency leading to skin problems etc.
  • Effect on skin, hair and personality – As mentioned above one can develop deficiencies which affects external beauty. One can experience hair fall, dull skin, dark skin without any charm etc.
  • Yo-yo effect in weight loss: Person tends to lose weight and gains back that weight in some days after following crash diets. In case of frequent weight loss and gain, person may not be able to lose weight. This effect is known as yo-yo effect.


So it is better to take some efforts in planning balanced diet, doing regular exercise and then lose weight. Any achievement with short cuts is not helpful. Make wise choice and go for balanced diet plan.

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