Seasonal Diet for better health

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Seasonal Diet for Better Health

Seasonal diet for better health

In day-to-day life, fresh and hot food should be consumed. Climactic changes in each season influence man’s physique, mind, intellect and his entire lifestyle. Hence it is beneficial to make changes in our diet according to seasonal changes. In a vast country like India the climate and seasons vary in North India and South India. This difference needs to be kept in mind while observing dietary rules pertaining to the seasons.

Seasonal diet for better health

Seasonal diet for better health

Appropriate diet for the spring season : During the spring season we are prone to suffer from respiratory complaints So items which are easy to digest, dry, bitter, astringent and pungent such as green gram, fenugreek, bitter gourd, radish, raw turmeric,  pepper and dried ginger should be consumed. In spring season, it is beneficial to avoid a diet which contains sweet, sour and salty  items or if at all, to consume them in small quantity. During this season, it is very healthy to adhere to the rule of not consuming salt.

Diet for summer season : Digestive energy decreases during the summer season. So a diet which is easy to digest, mild, sweet, sour and juicy, and contains items such as milk, butter, ghee, coriander, cumin seed, cardamom is beneficial. Drinking more water is also beneficial.

Diet for rainy season : There is possibility of increase in respiratory problems during the rainy season. Hence it is beneficial to consume food items such as millet, rice, lady  fingers, lemon, ginger, garlic, turmeric, coconut, sesame oil, milk and milk products.

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Diet for autumn season : Due to heat during autumn season the bile increases. Hence one should consume sweet, bitter and juicy diet, old grains, green gram, pulse of gram, fenugreek, cucumber, cabbage, spinach and light diet such as vermicelli / apple, banana, jamun etc.

Diet for winter season Digestive energy increases during the winter season. So it is beneficial to consume new grains, green gram, sesame, black gram, carrot, custard apple, dry fruits, ghee, all kinds of spices and food which is tasty and oily.

Diet for cold season In the cold season too digestive energy is optimum. During this season, it is beneficial to consume sweet, sour and salty diet such as sesame, green peas, brinjal, beat, fenugreek, spinach, pomegranate, dry fruits, milk and milk products, butter milk along with new grains.

As long as man eats because of desire, his subtle body is nurtured, but then he can fall ill if he eats in spite of lack of desire. Eating food in a quantity sufficient for the body’s needs prevents illness. This is a spiritual practice in itself.

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  • Jagdishbhai Desai

    Very interesting article on seasonal diet for better health.

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