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Is black salt healthier than table salt?

Table salt Vs Black salt

Salt is an integral part of our daily diet. We cannot even imagine our food without the presence of salt! Salt is available in various different forms- white salt (table salt / refined salt), black salt (rock salt), pink salt (saindhav) etc. The different colors are due to the presence of different minerals in the salt. These minerals also impart a pungent smell and  a specific  flavor to a the black salt.

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Salt is sodium chloride (NaCl). The sodium in the salt affects our blood pressure. If taken in excess, sodium can lead to high blood pressure (hypertension). Therefore, people with high blood pressure are advised to cut down their salt intake.

People believe that black salt possesses some medicinal properties. It is often used for the treatment of heartburn and flatulence.

Some people think that black salt has low sodium content and it is safe for patients with high blood pressure. To know whether it’s a myth or fact, let’s look into the composition of table salt & black salt.


Table salt Vs Black salt

Table salt Vs Black salt


Black salt mainly consists if sodium chloride (98%) and other impurities namely sodium sulphide, iron sulphide, hydrogen sulfide, sodium bisulfite etc. Sulpher gives it savory taste, hydrogen sulfide gives pungent smell while iron gives it a violet-black tinge.

White salt is pure sodium chloride (100%)  and if iodized, contains iodine.

When it comes to blood pressure lowering, there is no scientific evidence to support the use of black salt in patients with high blood pressure. As you will know from the composition, there is only a slight difference between the sodium content of both these salt. This difference is not enough to lower the blood pressure considerably.

To summarize, there are no extraordinary benefits of replacing table salt with black salt. People with high blood pressure should reduce overall salt and sodium consumption. Cumin powder, dhaniya powder, tamarind, amchur powder, kokum are the better replacements for salt!

Consult with our dietitians to get more information about use of salt in your diet.



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