Diet Secrets for Healthy Life

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Diet Secrets for Healthy Lifestyle

Diet Secrets for Healthy Lifestyle

The food we eat affects our health and risk of certain disease. Fit people are fit not because of family heritage or good luck, because they opted for the right or healthy eating habits. To be a fit person, You must opt for a healthy lifestyle and eating habits. By opting good and healthy eating habits one can lead the life, he or she desire and that’s healthy too.

For adopting good and healthy diet habits, one have to learn and then practice the habits, then only he or she can enjoy and lead healthy life. Some most

Diet Secrets for Healthy Lifestyle

Diet Secrets for Healthy Lifestyle

common diet habits to lead healthy life are:

  • Make changes in your diet slowly: One should make change his or her diet slowly. Inclusion of  fresh fruits and vegetables ,protein rich and complex or whole grain carbohydrate  in diet is a good should have a knowledge of importance of balanced diet.Changes of cooking style like boiling,steaming and shallow frying should keep in consideration.Selection of good oil is also very important.
  • Daily menu should be the same mostly:Eat a specific diet particular for breakfast,lunch,and dinner.The people who consume a daily specific menu can keep themselves fit and healthy.Careful eaters mostly pick same menu so that they can have control over the enery and calorie requirement means they tune with their calorie need of their body.When people find foods that deliver what they need and that they enjoy,its easy to be fit and healthy.
  • Don’t skip breakfast:It’s become a common universally that the people who eat breakfast regularly have achieved and maintain a large weight loss.Research have shown that the people who successfully lose weight are those who wake up early and eat breakfast on time.It has also proved that the people who eat breakfast regularly have better vitamin and mineral status and eat fewer calories from fat.As an experts  we feel  that most of the people who struggle with overeating are those who skip their breakfast.
  • Have plenty of water:Have plain and filtered water in plenty to be fit and healthy.Drinking lots of water keep you functioning in homeostasis and helps in normal body functioning.Fit and healthy people drink at least 12 -15 glasses of water everyday.
  • Eat small meals at small intervals:Another good eating habit is to eat small meals at frequent intervals. When we don’t eat longer that 3 hours,the stress hormone called cortisol’s level rises and this high level hormone signal the body to store fat at abdominal the people who skip their meal very frequent ,have high level of cortisol in their body.So eating small meal at small interval keep our body’s cortisol level low, which helps to reduce belly fats,hence the weight loss too.Eating smaller meals throughout the day also keeps one’s large intake of eating at bay.
  • Eat your favorite food carefully instead of avoiding:Don’t eliminate your favorite food from your menu,instead have those in a very small amount.Simply eliminating your favorite food will only set them up to fail when the temptation is too high.So they save those moments when binging of favorite food can happen.
  • Snacking with healthy foods: Don’t keep cookies, ice creams, chips, chocolates and soda in your fridge or in kitchen, instead keep healthy snacks.For that one has to do healthy shopping too.Low fat snacks with whole grain are the good option.
  • Limit intake of excess sugar and salt:One should limit the intake of excess sugar and salt in his or her diet.Extra sugar leads to weight gain and high triglycerides level in blood,where as high salt or extra sugar can have a bad effect on blood pressure and water retention problem.
  • Don’t eat while watching T.V:One should always keep in mind that no eating while watching TV as it makes one to eat in large quantity without noticing and leads to weight gain problem.So have your meal in a peaceful environment with ease and proper chewing, which helps in digestion and proper absorption of nutrients.

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