Ideal Dinner to Lose Weight!

“Eat Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince, and Dinner like a Pauper!” Most of you must have heard this phrase. Many of you must heard that this helps to lose weight too. But how many of you are really implementing this rule in your life? Hardly few! I would say many times we go exactly in opposite direction, due to hectic schedule we tend to skip our breakfast and when back from work hog on dinner.

Ideal Dinner To Lose Weight

Ideal Dinner To Lose Weight

Many people follow the phrase in so literal manner that they skip their dinner or replace it with meal replacers. But is it a right way to do so? Do we really have to skip our dinner to lose weight? Let’s have a look on Ideal Dinner Plateto lose weight.

This is true that ideally you should take fewer calories in your dinner but not zero calories. The main reason behind this is you are less active in night time compared to day time. So, you don’t need extra calories at night. At the end of the day you should sleep easily without feeling of fullness. Eating heavy food at night may lead to weight gain, acidity, bloating problems etc.

Ideal Dinner for Weight Loss:

If you are looking for weight loss, one thing you must keep in mind that is avoid carbs at dinner, this helps a lot! Avoid carb rich foods like cereals, sugar, sweets, bakery products, processed foods like maida, pizza, and packet foods etc. This tends to give you empty calories when not even required.

Instead grab on fiber and protein rich, low fat foods. These foods do not give you empty calories and helps to shade those extra pounds too. Few options which can be included  in Ideal Dinner Plate are like Oats & Milk porridge, Bowl of salad, all pulses, sprouts, muesli, buttermilk, milk, low fat curd, fruits, soybean, vegetables, lean fish, chicken, egg whites etc.

It’s a bit difficult to change your dinner patter at once. Try to improve it gradually. In the beginning follow this dinner twice a week. And gradually increase and apply it on daily basis. Once the routine is set, you won’t find it as difficult task.

3 Important Secrets While Following Ideal Dinner Plate:

  • Always eat your dinner early as possible.
  • Try to have it at least 2-3 hours before you sleep.
  • Go for short walk after your dinner.

If you follow this secrete, definitely you will get weight loss benefits. Eat Breakfast like King and Dinner like a Pauper but in Healthy Way!

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