Top 10 Mantras for Healthy Living

Healthy Living includes complete change in your daily lifestyle. Person should have a complete idea regarding things which are good for Health. One has to understand that following quick weight loss programs to shade extra weight in faulty way and is not just a only solution for Healthy Living.

10 Mantras for Healthy Living

10 Mantras for Healthy Living

Here are Top 10 Mantras of Healthy Living:

  1. Regular exercise:  Incorporating physical activity daily for 40-45 minutes is essential to maintain your physical fitness level. It not only helps you in burning excess calories but at the same time it helps to improve cardiovascular system and builds a positive attitude.
  2. Eat Healthy Diet: Many people have common misconception that ‘Fad Diets’ are healthy diets. But only a complete balance meal, which includes 5-6 servings of fruits & vegetables, inclusion of wholegrains, Healthy snacking and total planning of each meals. Always start your day with eating healthy breakfast daily. Limit your fat. Oils and sugary foods intake.
  3. Drinking Lots of water: Water is one of the chief ingredients in your list of healthy items. Drinking atleast 10-12 glasses daily keeps your body hydrated and also prevents it from Oxidation.
  4.  Avoiding Addictions:  Smoking, drinking and tobacco use doubles your risk for life threatening diseases. Most of the times commonly seen ill effects includes various cancers, lung ailments, hearts diseases and respiratory illness. So for healthy living quitting addictions is the best solution.
  5.  Adequate rest: Our busy schedules many a times doesn’t allow us to take adequate rest. But sleeping for 7-8 hrs daily is generally recommended by healthcare professionals. Sleep is the only time for our bodies to regenerate and do a healing process. It is a very effective tool for body & mind relaxation.
  6.  Frequent medical Check ups: As a preventive therapy frequent medical checkups are essential. It makes you aware about the present physical fitness and also it spots medical issues at primary stage rather than going into serious medical condition.
  7. Stress Relief: Whether it is Exercise effect or deep breathing or meditation or your hobby, one should find something which will be physically as well as mentally rejuvenating. Even laughter releases endorphins which are called Feel good Hormones, which helps you maintaining balance between Life and Work pressure.
  8. Be Social : Keep yourself connected with your family, friends and colleagues. Because these are your stress bursting systems in case of stressful situations. Little help from others keeps your health perspective boosting.
  9. Planning daily activities:  Too many things at a time makes you restless and decreases your work efficiency. Organizing things properly reduces chaos and mental stress also.
  10. Love Yourself: If you accept yourself may be good/ bad,   it reflects in whatever work you do. Life is very short, tasks and running errands will never end. So remember to Live & enjoy every moment in your life.  











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