Tips to Prevent Stress

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Tips to Prevent Stress

Tips to prevent stress | Just for Hearts

Studies shown that, people who have prolonged exposure to stress can have big detrimental effect on their psychological and physical Tips to prevent stresshealth. And prolonged exposures to stress tend to have shortened lifespan. So, it is very necessary to prevent or STOP stress as soon as possible. And the best way to treat stress is Prevention. As we say Prevention is better than Cure. So, let’s have look on how we can avoid stress and prevent it.

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  • Have some fun!

Take out some time for yourself from your busy schedule. Allow yourself switch off from every day work. Spend some time on your favorite things, hobbies, or outdoor games with your friends and family.

  • Say no to office mails at home!

If you are one of those who frequently check official mails at weekend then STOP. Because Studies shows that people who take break from work email experience less stress and could help curb stress.

  • Always keep in touch with your friends:

Your true friends always know when you are down, stressful and how to pick you up. Share your family problems, work issues with them they will always help you to make out solution and sharing problem with some one keeps you away from getting stress.

  • Laugh Laugh and Laugh:

Don’t make your life so serious. Laughter is the best therapy to prevent and reduce stress. If some situation makes you stressed turn it around and laugh it off. Laughter relaxes tense muscle, speeds more oxygen into the body and lowers your blood pressure. Once you have laughed it off you can deal that situation in a different positive prospective.

Exercise releases natural pain killers called as endorphin and these natural pain killers makes our body happier and less stressful. These endorphin releases when you do at least 30 minutes of exercises. It may include any activity which makes you sweat like jogging, dancing, walking etc. exercise has been proven to reduce stress, lowers blood pressure and releases positive hormones into the body.

  • Meditation:

Researches have shown that 15 minutes of meditation reduces psychological stress. It can help to ease stress throughout the day. Practice deep breathing techniques whenever you are in stressful situation, it helps to release good endorphin in mind and clear the mind and discourage negative emotions.

  • Sleep:

It is one of the most important things to prevent as well as reduce stress. Sleep help to let your body heal and recover from previous day and makes you more prepare for next day. So, sleep for at least 8 hours. And if you don’t let your body recover from previous day it will automatically put burden on your body and hence more stress.

  • Keep yourself Hydrated:

In today’s busy life most of people tend to forget to drink water throughout the day. But keeping your body hydrated through out the day helps to prevent stress.

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