Quick Bytes: Mango

 “The King of Fruits” Mango a delicious, summer seasonal fruit, is the most favorite fruit of almost all. It is cultivated in India and now distributed wide across the world. Besides having great, sweet and rich taste it has many health benefits. It is packed with many healthy nutrients like amino acids, vitamin C, vitamin A, Beta-carotene, niacin, iron, potassium and magnesium.

Quick Bytes: Mango

Quick Bytes: Mango

Here are some healthy benefits of Mangoes:

Helps in digestion:

As it is packed with fiber and some special digestive enzyme, this soothes the stomach and prevents constipation.

Fights Cancer:

It is packed with antioxidants, fiber and vitamin C which help to protect cells from free radical damage and reduce risk of cancer. Mangoes are also rich in soluble fiber pectin which helps to reduce the risk of GI track cancers.

Good for Your Skin:

Antioxidant properties of mango make your complexion fair; make your skin   clean, soft and glowing.

Fights Anemia:

Mangoes are really helpful for those who are suffering from anemia because of its iron content. And it is also rich in copper which is also required in formation of red blood cells.

For Good Vision:

It is packed with vitamin A, Beta-carotene which is essential for good vision.

For Better Sex Life:

Vitamin E content of mangoes helps to boost your sex hormones and boost better sex drive.

Good for Weight Gain:

As it is starchy fruit and high in calories, it helps to gain weight more rapidly.

Special Note:

Do not overfill yourself with mangoes. For all the benefits have mango in moderate quantity. (1-2 mangoes/wk).  Avoid having mangoes if you are diabetic as it is high in carbohydrate and can spike your sugar levels.

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