International Women’s Day 2013

International women’s day is celebrated on every 8th March.  On the occasion of women’s day Just for Hearts brings quick health tips from Just for hearts health experts. Team of experts Dietitians and Doctors are serving female related queries. These are few quick tips which you need to include in your daily routine:

International Women's Day

International Women’s Day

  1. Check your weight: A simple habit of checking weight regularly may make difference in your health. If you generally ignore the weighing scale due to rising weight, make it your friend. If you can take it in right spirit, weighing scale will help you in losing weight. Small changes in weight can motivate you in calorie restriction or food choices. Whereas small reduction in the weight can motivate you to get going to goal weight.
  2. Relieve your stress: May it mental stress or physical stress you need to practice techniques which will help you in distressing. Listen to your favorite music, do regular exercise, go for walk etc. Exercise promotes excretion of hormones which helps avoiding mood swing. Get into regular exercise.
  3. Have time for yourself: Manage all your tasks effectively but keep some time for yourself. Having self-talk helps in focusing on your targets, aims and objectives in life.
  4. Look after your Calcium and Vitamin D consumption: when it comes to diet, these two nutrients are crucial in diet. Make sure you are drinking enough milk or consuming milk products. Vitamin D coming from sun light, oil seeds helps in improving heart health, bone health and reduce aging process.
  5. Know about the tests you need to do:if you have family history for any disease such as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, cancer; you need to do regular screening. Besides this every female must go for regular screening for cervix, breast cancer etc. If it is diagnosed at right time, it can be cured.

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