Tips to control Hunger Pangs

Abdominal contractions caused due to hunger are known as hunger pangs. Everyone is familiar with them & they denote early stages of hunger. You must eat right while you are experiencing hunger pangs to avoid excessive calorie consumption & to keep your weight in check.

Tips to control hunger pangs

Tips to control hunger pangs

  1. Have 6-8 small meals throughout the day. This will avoid repeated occurrence of it by keeping you satiated.
  2. Eat slowly. Chew every bite 32 times! Hunger pangs will go away slowly but gradually.
  3. Add proteins & healthy fats to your meal. Proteins & fats take longer to get digested, thus delay your next hunger pangs!  Consume lean proteins like egg whites, fish, toned milk & healthy fats like walnuts, almonds, sunflower seeds etc.
  4. Include fiber rich foods, fibers delay stomach emptying. Thus you feel full for a prolonged time. Include oats, wheat flakes, whole grain products & leafy veggies.
  5. Avoid simple sugars & refined flours. They get digested very rapidly & you tend to eat more frequently.
  6. Have a glass of water/ lime juice water before your meal. This will fill some space & your hunger pangs will do down.
  7. Chewing sugar free chewing gums also helps reducing hunger pangs.
  8. Never skip meals. This adds up to the severity of your hunger pangs & you eat even more during the next meal!
  9. Chalk out your meal schedule & try to follow it religiously. After some days, you will start getting hunger pangs at particular pre scheduled meal timings. This will avoid unnecessary hunger pangs in between the meals.
  10. If you have eaten your meal & start getting hunger pangs, try to distract your mind from food & engage yourself in some other task!

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  • Sampada Paradkar

    This seems beautiful…. if one follows religiously it will have quiet good effects..!!! Thanks for this..!!!!

    • justforhearts

      Thanks Sampada for your encouraging reply!

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