Benefits of Walking

Walking is the best and easiest exercise which can be followed by every individuals. You don’t even required any costly equipment to go for walk. 30 minutes of walk every day can keep you away from many diseases.

Here are some benefits of walking:

Benefits of walking

Benefits of walking

  • Take Walk for healthy body: Walking at least 30 min a day is enough to keep you healthy.It can lift your mood,make you physically fit,& improve the quality of life
  • Make your heart healthy: It can lower cholesterol levels & decrease risk of heart disease. It can strengthen your heart,lungs & muscles.
  • Prevent type 2 diabetes: Allowing muscle movement leads to more use of glucose by muscle cell. It involves utilization of more insulin, which improve blood sugar level.
  • Good for bones: It strengthens  bones, increases bone density & slow down bone loss in legs.
  • Reduces risk of  colon cancer: A speedy walk can give less time to the carcinogen present in food to come in touch with intestinal lining & reduce risk of having cancer.
  • Prevent from miscarriage: Walking can prevent spontaneous abortion by lowering down the hormonal fluctuation which cause uterine contractions.
  • Walking for better sexual health: A regular habit of brisk walking  improves blood circulation which cut down  risk of impotency.
  • Refresh your mind: Walking ease stress & anxiety, reduce depression. It improves self esteem, helps to keep you energetic, positive & happy.
  • Extend your life: It is said that 30 min regular walk extend your life by 1.3 years. It keep you feet by preventing or delaying , age related condition like osteoporosis.
  • Body composition: 30 min walk each time to average person can lose 18 ponds in year. Walking can help you trim fat as well as tone your muscles.

This simple activity that we do everyday is really great way to get healthy


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  • Dr Nilima Gaikwad

    Your Comments Hi Elle,
    Thank you. I states in article that 30 min means “daily walk” not just few times in a week.

  • Elle

    All forms of exercise are great, but I think walking is such a accessible, affordable, and effective form of exercising. I think it’s especially wonderful for the older generation. My mom has knee joint problems and can’t run or jog, so walking is a great alternative.

    Your article states that a 30 minute regular walk can extend your life by 1.3 years. Do you know if “regular” is referring to a daily walk or perhaps just a few times a week?

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