How to Get Rid of Body Odour?

Although unacceptable & embarrassing, it is fact that all humans emit body odour. This unpleasant scent develops when sweat comes in contact with the bacteria on skin. Our body has two kinds of sweat glands – eccrine (produces sweat with water & salt) and apocrine (produces fatty sweat). Bacteria present on skin surface breakdown sweat from apocrine glands to produce body odour.

How to deal with body odour?

How to deal with body odour?

Here are some quick fixes to get rid of body odour -

  • Maintain good personal hygiene – we all bathe once a day, but some individuals may require more frequent baths with thorough cleaning the areas prone to sweat.
  • Try and use antibacterial soaps which will reduce bacterial growth on skin.
  • If you are prone to more sweating change clothes including undergarments frequently. Prefer natural fabrics over synthetic ones.
  • Trim hair off sweat prone areas such as underarms and groin. Keep it clean and dry.
  • Clean your hair frequently as the natural oils and sweat from scalp adds on to unpleasant odour.
  • Take care of foot odour by frequently changing the socks. Choose socks made of breathable natural fabrics such as cotton. Soaking feet in salt water kills foot bacteria.
  • Use deodorant powders or apply antiperspirant to the sole.
  • Make use of boric acid – it may sound odd, but boric acid when dusted in underarms eliminates body odour.
  • Use deodorants containing aluminum or zinc to fight odour causing bacteria.
  • Reduce consumption of coffee, cola and alcohol as they contribute to odour by stimulating apocrine sweat glands
  • Certain foods such as peppers or strong spices tend to make you perspire more, whereas smell of onion or garlic can be carried in sweat. Restricted consumption of such foods helps to reduce body odour.
  • Drink sufficient amount of water to keep perspiration diluted and eccrine sweat glands active.
  • Quit smoking – it makes you smell bad.

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