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Ayurveda & Heart Health|Blogs|Just for Hearts

Ayurveda is defined as science of life. Ayu – Life ( Ayu is combination of four things – mind , body , soul / spirit  & sense.Veda – Science. According to Ayurveda Heart is home of “Ataman” eternal soul, “ojas” & mind.  Heart is the most vital organ & the person as old as her/ his heart according to Ayurveda. It contains 8 drops of  “Ojas” which gives life , longetivity, bliss  & overall immunity.

Ayurveda & Heart Health

Ayurveda & Heart Health|Blogs|Just for Hearts

Ayurvedic healers recognized many years ago what modern science today- that eating fatty food in excess ( fatty foods do not get digested completely & create “ama” or toxins in the system) & too much stress are prime factors that lead to heart damage. Chest pain, angina is caused by “Kapha dosh”. Accumulated” kapha” blocks the flow of “prana” into the coronary artery, so that heart muscle does not receive sufficient blood & oxygen supply.

According to Ayurveda perspective, while discussing heart health, two equally important aspects that need to be taken into account

  1. Physical Aspects – physical aspects of organ that pumps blood
  2. Emotional Aspect – that experience every human emotion from joy to sorrow.

Ayurvedic recommendation for Healthy Heart:

  1. Ahar“( Diet)–  You can make your diet more heart healthy by eating lots of fresh fruits, whole grains , vegetables, dressing your veggies with fresh lime juice & using lime juice & by using heart friendly spices like black pepper, anti oxidant spice turmeric. Choose fresh & light foods over processed foods & rich foods.
  2. “Vihar” ( Exercise & Physical activity)-  30 min walk not only help your heart , it will prepare you for the day charging up your metabolism & circulation.
  3. Rest–  Our bodies can only rejuvenates when we give them time to rest.  We need time for ourselves, time for simply do nothing.
  4. Yoga & Meditation – Meditation & yoga contribute immensely in offsetting heart disease. Thus, owing to its many positive effect – direct & indirect on the cardiovascular system, yoga assumes a pivotal role in heart care.
  5. “Panchakrama”– Panchkarma removes all “ama” or toxins from your body. It cleanses & nourishes the body, mind, soul on physical, mental & many levels.
  6. Herbs – Ayurveda is famous for its safe & highly effective herbal medicines.  Herbs like arjuna, tulsi, ginger, guggul, bramhi & many mores helps to prevent & heal the heart disease.

Ayurveada believes in prevention & holistic approach to healing.

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