7 Signs of Heart Attack

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7 Signs of Heart attack|Blogs|Just for Hearts

You can save a life – perhaps your own life, if you learn the signs of a heart attack & what steps to take. By knowing 7 signs of Heart attack, you will be able to act quickly & calmly, if your family members, friends or colleague suffers from heart attack.

Symptoms of Heart attack:

  1. Angina – Most common symptoms is angina or chest pain. Angina can be described as discomfort, pressure, heaviness, aching, and painful feeling in your chest. Angina may also be felt in the shoulders, arms, neck, throat, jaw or back
  2. Chest pain which is not relieved with rest or taking Sorbitrate tablet
  3. Uneasiness , profuse sweating
  4. Shortness of breath
  5. Fear of impending death
  6. Nausea, vomiting
  7. Extreme weakness, dizziness,  and in some serious cases loss of consciousness

The Bad News:

During a heart attack, a clot blocks the flow of blood to the heart. Heart muscle begins to die. The more time th

7 signs of heart attack

7 signs of heart attack|Blogs|Just for Hearts

at passes without treatment, greater the damage. Maximum deaths due to heart attack occur in first hour of onset of chest pain


The Good news:

Fortunately, clot dissolving   drugs ( Thrombolytics ) along with  other artery– opening treatments can save a life from   heart attack . Given immediately after symptoms begin, these treatments can prevent or limit damage to the heart. The sooner they are started, the more good they will do & the greater the chance are of  full recovery. To the most effective, these treatments need to be given within 1 hour of the start of heart attack symptoms. This is commoly called as Time is Muscle in medical terminology , early the dose, more heart muscle is saved from damage .

Still we see some common reasons for delay in treatment such as:

  1. Self Diagnosis – Do not recognize the symptoms of a heart attack & think that what they are feeling is due to something else like acidity, muscular pain etc.
  2. They are not accepting that their symptoms could be serious.
  3. Feeling embarrassed about “causing a scene”, or going to the hospital & finding out it is a false alarm.
  4. Worried to diagnose a heart attack.
  5. Do not understand the importance of getting to the hospital right away.
  6. Ignore the complaints as their hectic work schedule, imp meetings.

As a result, most heart attack victims wait 2 or more hours after their symptoms begin before they seek medical help.

This delay can result in death or permanent heart damage – damage that can greatly reduce their ability to do everyday activities.  We will discuss  in detail about common tests and treatment options which are available to heart attack cases in subsequent series.

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  • Girish

    Thanks Dr Manisha for useful information, I will surely register to know more.

  • Dr Manisha Deokar

    Hi Dheeraj,

    Please check out my last comment, you will get detail answer. Still if you have any query feel free to ask me @ Heart Health – Public forum.

    Thanks :)

  • Dr Manisha Deokar

    Hello Girish,

    Thrombolytics – which dissolve clot – are not available over the counter directly to patients , they are used in setting of Heart attack in ICU set up only , while aspirin which normally prevents clotting can be used as a preventive measure in 40 + or diabetic cases . But we must also keep in mind that certain set of Doctors don’t agree with this concept , according to them it is always better to start only if indicated clinically .
    family history does play significant role in heart disease . for further queries and discussion please feel free to register with us ( which is Free !! ) and ask your queries in Heart Health categories of Public forum .

  • Dheeraj Varma

    Good article…heard tablets -painkillers like Disprin / crocin needs to be dissolved in water & taken / given to patient immediately if there is some sort of chest pain. Is this correct?

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  • Girish

    Dr Manisha Deokar
    Very good article regarding symptoms,treatments,precautions for a heart attack. is the clot dissolving drugs ( Thrombolytics ) available at medical stores without prescriptions and will Aspirin help in any way, is it wise to keep these drugs in pockets always? is this a Hereditary disease. pl reply.