25 Ultimate Weight Loss Tips

Strict diet, rigorous gym routine and compromise on favorite foods; so many efforts one has to take to lose those extra kgs. These ultimate weight loss tips will help you in achieving your goal. Read to get your top weight loss tips: 

  1. Start with the plan. It is very important to start with the plan to achieve the goal. If you know that you need to shed 10 kg. Make a detailed plan for small milestones.
  2. Set your target for every month-week-day. Always keep your eye on target and make sure you are on right track.
  3. They say “one heavy meal will not make you fat”. It is so true. Do not have that guilt feeling in the mind. It is ok if you deviate for one time.
  4. Apply 80-20 rule. Try to follow your routine for 80% of time. Then you have a leverage to cheat for 20%. It will help you in dealing with social obligations, your own desires etc.
  5. Diet plan works 70% whereas fitness routine works 30% in weight loss.  But both the things are essential. You cannot rely only on diet or only on exercise to reach to your goal weight.
  6. Personalized diet plans helps in managing meals.  Take help of professionals to deal with your meal planning.
  7. Be patient and keep on going with your routine task. It may take some time to see the results. Although we have same principles for weight loss, it will have different effect and result for every individual.
  8. Do not get demotivated with slow progress,  in case of deviations, plateau phase etc.  You expert help during this period.  Discuss your concerns and find a way out.
  9. What is the secret of low carb diet? There is buzz about low or no carb diet. Carbohydrates are essential for energy purpose. Excluding carbs from your diet will not help you.  One must consume 55 to 65% carbohydrates of total calorie consumption.
  10. Know the power of complex carbohydrates. They are mainly fiber rich foods such as whole grains, green leave vegetables, fresh fruits etc. fiber gives satiety and manages hunger.  It also helps in dealing with diabetes, heart diseases etc.
  11. Junk food is not good for health. You also know that. Then why we are always temped to have burgers, pizzas, pastas, bakery products etc. remember these foods contain hidden calories. It do not have any nutrient besides simple sugar and fats (saturated fat which is not good for health)
  12. Proteins are essential for healthy living. They are building blocks of cell. In weight loss always aim for fat loss and gaining muscle mass. For muscle mass you need to consume enough proteins every day.
  13. Try to include two to four servings of pulses OR two servings of chicken / egg white in daily diet to meet protein requirement. (it will help to fulfill half of the requirement – remaining will be from other sources) .
  14. Milk is good for bones. Calcium and protein combination in milk helps in weight loss.
  15. 3 cups of milk every day will help to meet daily calcium requirement.
  16. Non veg food is not unhealthy always. Chicken or lean meat, eggs, fish are essential for their mineral and vitamin contain. Include them in your daily diet.
  17. Fat is required in the diet. There are different types of fats. But you can aim to include blend of cooking oil and different oil seeds. It will ensure consumption of essential fatty acids. Oil seeds such as almonds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, hazel nuts, walnuts etc.
  18. Limit the intake of simple sugar. If you have sweet tooth; it can be cause of your weight gain. Limit your sugar intake to two tsp every day. It included your desserts, chocolates, sweets etc.
  19. Salt intake is another concern for dieters. Limit it to 1 tea spoon every day. Limiting salt intake may help you in controlling heart health.
  20. Experts keep on talking about fruits. You need to include 3 fruits every day. See the magic; you will not feel hungry in between your meals.
  21. Water is an essential nutrient. Drink 2-3 lit water. If you are doing work out make sure you are well hydrated.
  22. Take enough rest. Although you need to exercise regularly you also need to take enough rest.
  23. Sleep tight for 8 hours every day. Research suggests that lack of sleep can lead to weight gain in youngsters.
  24. Take the help of support group. Discuss your milestones, difficulties with support group .it will give you motivation and help you in dealing with your weight loss concerns. Your closed ones and friends are best support for you.
  25. Celebrate your small achievements and keep going. Weight loss is not a one day game. You need to learn the lifestyle modification. Adopt these rules for rest of your life.

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